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    Reliable solutions for better air

    Better air is better for business by every measure. The benefits of having a healthy, clean air environment are seen and expressed throughout businesses in every type of industry; both, from a health standpoint as well as an economic one.

    QleanAir Scandinavia is passionate about creating healthy, indoor environments that significantly help protect and enhance the performance of people, products, and processes.

    modular and turnkey cleanrooms

    Protecting people, products, and processes

    A cleanroom is defined as a closed area where the number of particles per cubic foot is controlled. This is done via three main principles: HEPA-filtered air, air pressure, and airlocks. Usually, a cleanroom is installed primarily to protect products and processes which need extra cleanliness for example in pharmacy compounding facilities. In recent years, awareness has been raised about protecting people against hazardous drugs, which is why we have more than 60 installations in compounding pharmacies in the USA.





    Turnkey and modular products with guaranteed functionality

    QleanSpace will help you transform your existing pharmacy environment into a facility with USP or ISO compliance. Our highly adaptable, cost-effective clean room solutions have short installation time, and provide a safe and efficient environment for your pharmacy operation. QleanSpace can be installed virtually anywhere, and is possible to move, expand or otherwise alter. All exposed surfaces are non¬porous and easy to clean. QleanSpace utilizes a flat design with no protruding items. The flooring satisfies the strictest requirements for particle release behavior, helping to reduce any threat of contamination.

    Industry leader with full adherence to regulatory standards

    QleanAir Scandinavia is recognized as an industry leader in turnkey cleanroom systems for the healthcare sector, with a vast experience in the field of controlled environments and healthcare regulatory design. We adhere to all system performance and compounding standards with guaranteed compliance to USP and ISO.

    Flexible leasing options with performance guarantee

    Our flexible lease option includes full service and maintenance, with a full guarantee of the system and its function with no upfront or start-up costs.



    Know your air

    We offer an analysis of the particles
    in your surrounding air.

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