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Protection of your products is one of the three pillars we base our company on. Because of this, we develop turn-key solutions for industries like yours who require the most stringent requirements in clean and sterile environments. Our solutions have become associated with top hospitals and the pharmaceutical/medtech industry, as well as a reputation that is unmatched in our field. Read below about our specific spaces to see which ones are right for you.

Future-proof your operations

QleanSpace – turnkey cleanrooms

With over 25 years of experience in indoor air purification, we have developed a worry-free solution for environments with extra high demands for cleanliness. We offer modular cleanrooms designed according to your needs in terms of size, purity class and accessories. Project management, service and a performance guarantee are all included.


A cleanroom is defined as a sealed area in which the number of particles per cubic metre is controlled. This is done via three main principles: HEPA-filtered air, air pressure, and airlocks. A cleanroom will often be installed to protect products in need of a higher level of cleanliness, e.g. food, medicines, or sensitive electronic equipment, but it can also be about protecting processes and/or people.  

A cleanroom within a room

Our cleanroom concept, QleanSpace, is designed according to your requirements in terms of size, ISO class, and accessories. We help you with consulting and design. The room is made up of modules combined to form a separate room, whether it is 100 SF or 5000 SF. The modular and freestanding design makes it possible to install QleanSpace in most environments, often within a short space of time and without affecting the existing ventilation. It is also possible to modify or expand the room if your needs change.

Smooth surfaces, rounded corners

QleanSpace consists of inorganic materials, designed to be easy to clean, with smooth surfaces and rounded corners. The flooring meets strict requirements for particle release, which also reduces the risk of contamination. QleanSpace is designed according to your user requirements specifications (URS), with positive or negative pressure, locks for personnel and materials, custom window sections, and accessories such as monitors and pass-thru cabinets.

What are the benefits of QleanSpace?

Tailored to your needs

ISO class, size and accessories according to your user requirements specifications (URS).
A cleanroom within the room

Free-standing and can be installed in most environments.
Modular design

Cost-effective and can be reconfigured and expanded as needed.
Complete supplier

Own staff for the design, installation and service.
Lifetime performance guarantee

We ensure that the solution works over time.
Flexible financing

Buy or lease, long or short term. What suits you best?


Adding a monitoring and warning system gives you full control over the levels of air pressure, temperature, and humidity. The information, which is clearly displayed on a screen, can be viewed by staff both inside and outside the room. The data is registered in real-time and the systems will issue a warning if the preset thresholds for the cleanroom’s classification limits are exceeded. Regular software updates are included.

We also offer cleanroom accessories such as pass-thru cabinets (see picture) and automatic door operators.

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From needs analysis to continuous maintenance

Experience the benefits of a complete supplier. We are with you throughout the journey, from a needs analysis and user requirements specification (URS) for purity class to continuous maintenance of the finished room. We will help you with the design, equipment, project design, installation, classification, and validation.

Lifetime performance guarantee

Once the room has been installed, cleaned, and validated, we offer continuous service to ensure performance over time. Our solutions have a lifetime performance guarantee, which means that we maintain the product to ensure the same high levels as at the time of installation. Regular maintenance, performance checks, and inspection of filter capacity are included in our service.

Financial flexibility

Which is the best solution for you – buying with a service agreement or leasing, with service and a lifetime performance guarantee included? We can offer the type of contract that suits you best.

QleanSpace product film


Primary consideration rating in choosing a cleanroom solution for today and beyond

Lease option with a performance guarantee

Our lease option includes full service and maintenance, with a full guarantee of the facility and its function with no upfront or start-up costs.




When you finish a stick-built room and you have subsequent growth or need to place new automation or equipment inside, it is not usually feasible to think about expanding it. Expansion entails taking the facility offline and starting a new construction project.


QleanSpace’s team of professionals work with you to design, deliver, install, and maintain your new cleanroom. It can be built virtually anywhere in a short period of time and is highly customizable to your own specifications. It is easy to expand or shrink according to you needs.

Not applicable 

Not feasible.


QleanSpace can be made smaller/larger and reconstructed at a new space entirely with ease.


Being complicated construction projects, these rooms bring high cost in both time and construction management to build, and considerable risk if any important factor is overlooked. Depreciation schedule is very long.

Very high

QleanSpace rooms are cost-effective and can be leased or purchased to meet your financial needs. “Pay for what you need now and expand later when future needs change”. We take the guesswork out of affordability and function.

High for immediate needsLess for Future regulatory 

Ability to Meet Regulatory Requirements – is quite high, when you’ve designed and built it perfectly taking in account future calculations, leaving a lot of guess work.

High for immediate needs and Future

QleanSpace has a successful track record in certi­fica­tion towards USP <797> regulatory standards.  With our “no risk and full liability guarantee”, we ensure the quality of our cleanrooms perform in accordance with USP <797> and Federal standards. We offer biannual performance audits to service, maintain, and document the cleanroom's performance giving you the peace of mind you require for patient and healthcare worker safety.


Delivery and installation with start and control of the function “As Built”  and
“At Rest”


Free regular software upgrade of the central monitoring software.


Regular preventive maintenance and function control of products to ensure full functionality and to ensure full filter efficiency.


Regular audits to ensure regulatory compliance with ISO and USP certification standards.


Become a QleanAir partner, and future proof your operations with adaptable, innovative solutions

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