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QleanAir Scandinavia provides products and solutions for air cleaning in existing facilities by diluting its contaminants or capturing them at the source. Typical application areas range from waiting rooms and infection wards in hospitals, smoking rooms, offices and public facilities to production industry and warehouse logistics.

QleanSafe is an air cleaner specially developed to solve a major challenge fac­ing modern health­care within high-risk infections. Very high cleaning require­ments must be combined with high air flows while also con­sidering the well-being of patients. The ability to rest and sleep is of utmost importance, so the air must be cleaned at unprecedentedly low noise levels.

Cleaning without disrupting patients’ sleep
QleanAir Scandinavia has developed the QleanSafe air cleaner specifically to meet stricter air cleaning and air circulation require­ments while allowing patients to sleep.

In an average size ward, QleanSafe cleans the air well below 30 dBA. This is an im­pressively low level that is comparable to low-noise activities such as whispering or a slight breeze.

Large-capacity HEPA cleaning
The HEPA H14 filter QleanSafe maintains a very high purification level, and the pro­duct is well prepared to meet even the toughest healthcare sector require­ments. The unit also has a very large air circulation capacity in several operat­ing modes (Stand-by, Normal, Speed-up and Turbo) to meet the desired balance between airflow and noise.

The unit's exterior surfaces are made of hard, in­orga­nic material to simplify exterior cleaning.

Flexible and mobile air cleaner
QleanSafe is a mobile unit suitable for both stand-alone and fixed installation in a hospital ward. When the need for care changes, the air cleaner can be moved and used elsewhere, with or with­out connec­tion to air ducts.

Easy service access from the front panel.




 Model  QleanSafe
 Material  Primarily inorganic materials with hard external surfaces of easy-to-clean material

 1100 mm
 1800 mm
 700 mm
 System efficiency, particles 0.3–0.5 µm
 438–1861 m3 / h
 > 99 % of the MPPS (Most Penetrating Particle Size)

The technology behind the solution

1  INTAKE AIR – Capturing unwanted substances in indoor air

An odor and particle-free indoor environment can only be achieved if the gas and particles are captur­ed before they can spread to the surrounding area. This is achieved by high air flow leads pollu­tants into the air cleaner separation filters.

2  SEPARATION – Filtering of harmful gases and particles

When you clean the air, it is important to ensure that even the smallest particles are removed. Our patented filter absorbs gases and remove particles present in the air. Regular maintenance and replace­ment / cleaning of filters ensures that this high level of filtration can be guaranteed over time.

3  EXHAUST AIR – purified air back into the environment

When the air has been purified of all harmful gases and particles released the clean air back into the room. The air is cleaned even in stand-by mode and the air cleaner works entirely independent of the ventilation.

Hospital and healthcare air cleaner – how it works

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QleanSafe air purifier in a hospital's special care room

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