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QleanAir Scandinavia provides products and solutions for air cleaning in existing facilities by diluting its contaminants or capturing them at the source. Typical application areas range from waiting rooms and infection wards in hospitals, smoking rooms, offices and public facilities to production industry and warehouse logistics.

In professional facilities, the capacity and efficiency of the installed ventilation is most often not enough to maintain a good and healthy indoor air quality. Dust and harmful particles generated in the facility, or im­ported from the outside, can have a negative effect on people, products and processes.

Improving the workforce's health and productivity
Bad air quality affects the personnel's health and ability to perform. Today, a great focus is placed on the quality and health effects of what we eat and drink. At QleanAir Scandinavia we believe this should also be the case for the air we breathe. During an average day, a person typically spends 80–90 % of their time indoors, consumes 1 kg of food, 2–3 kg of fluid and breathes 20–30 kg of air. In short, the air we breathe indoors has a great effect on our wellbeing and ability to perform.

Protecting products
Keeping products clean is highly important in many of today's modern industries, as airborne particles, dust, powder, bacteria, mold spores, and viruses may contaminate products, degrade product quality and highly affect business profits. 

Protecting processes
High maintenance costs in production due to clogged sensors, cooling units, electrical and test instrument cabinets; and increased wear and tear in machinery due to airborne particles, dust and powders are interruptions within business's processes and operations that can be significantly minimized with the implementation of our solutions.

Typical benefits from an air cleaning solution

Healthier working


Fewer/shorter interruptions in production

Higher product quality
– fewer faulty products

heating costs

Lower maintenance costs for e.g. machinery, test instruments, cooling units


The air cleaner QleanAir FS 70 has been designed for polluted environments and larger facilities. It captures, cleans and purifies the air using a high tech filtration system before recycling it back into the greater environment or distributed for a dedicated purpose.

Adaptable design to meet different challenges

Typical application areas for the FS 70 include logistics, warehouses, production facilities, the food industry, hospitals, and other environments with high demands for cleaner air.

The unit can be equipped with a multitude of different filter configurations; tailored to your challenges and needs, as well as the ability to house a wide variety of tools/accessories for air distribution, such as bends, pipes and textile diffusers.


Model QleanAir FS 70 Stainless QleanAir FS 70 Grey
Material Stainless steel Powder coated steel
Height / Height on wheels

692 mm
1527 / 1652 mm
580 mm
Weight 90 kg

0–4000 m3/h
Speed regulation: Incremental power levels / Automated airflow regulation
Seamless / 3 positions

The technology behind the solution

1  INTAKE AIR – Capturing contaminants

The QleanAir FS 70´s smart air flow encompasses a dual functionality; the first being the ability to force contaminants and pollutants into the unit’s separation filters, while efficiently recirculating the room’s air for optimal cleanliness.

2  SEPARATION – Filtering harmful particles

Through our multi-stage filtration technology, particles and airborne contaminants are efficiently captured and removed from the air. A set of mechanical filters suited to handle your specific challenges are being applied. From the moment of installation, we ensure that we live up to our promises, which includes our instant particle reduction measurements and our lifetime performance guarantee.

3  EXPELLED AIR – Purified air back into the environment

After the air has been purified from harmful particles, it is released back into the room through a smart airflow system for optimal circulation.


QleanAir FS 70 – adaptable to your special environment

Adding fabric ducting systems/textile diffusers help focus where your clean air zones are; significantly improving specific types of work environments and aiding in the protection of your people, products, and processes. With regards to health, implementing these high diffusion, porous, tubes over working stations allows clean air to be sent towards the nose and mouth where people breathe, while pushing the dirtier air towards the floor, to be captured by the QleanAir FS 70 air purifiers.

Other benefits from having permeable, textile diffusers are that they are anti microbial, anti static, flame retardant and offer a high volume, low velocity air circulation to help keep it comfortable for workers.

Functional and convertible for your business

Nylon filter

Pre-particle filter

Spark protection

Spiral duct

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