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Providing cleaner, safer, and more accommodating environments to mental health facilities.


The world we know and the rules that follow don’t always work the same way for people dealing with mental illness, and addictive behaviors; and the facilities that treat them put in extra effort in providing a safe, accommodating environment.

While Smoking may be banned within some mental health units, it is usually allowed outdoors in many, but this comes with its own set of challenges and problems.

Here are some facts to take into consideration:

People with mental illness smoke at two to four times the rate of the general population. While estimates vary from study to study, it has been shown that as many as 70–85 percent of people with schizophrenia and as many as 50–70 percent of people with bipolar disorder smoke. 


S-Line Safety

Due to these circumstances, we have developed a safer smoking cabin to withstand these types of environments. Introducing our S-Line Safety smoking cabins. 

Recognize these challenges? 

Smoky indoor environment

Smoking rooms exude lingering smoke fumes throughout the room and surrounding areas, making it uncomfortable and unhealthy for all those around it to breathe.

Discouraged from treatment

Banning smoking in mental health hospitals could disrupt or deter treatment, by causing patients to leave prematurely, or even fail to seek help in the first place.

Possible dangers

Susceptible patients, vulnerable to tobacco dependency, anxiety, depression, withdrawal may go out of their way to smoke in unrestricted areas, posing possible dangers to themselves or others, including fire.

Smoking rooms

For hospitals that use smoking rooms, we see patients end up staying in there for longer periods of time. This encourages chain-smoking and can also result in the staff not wanting to go in there, so the patients are not as attended to as they may need or require.

Absent staff

Staff that leave their posts to travel outside to smoke can affect the safety and quality of their work environment. 

The environment

Smoking outdoors in open air pollutes the environment, along with the issue of cigarette butts littering the area and seeping into the ground water. 

Non-smokers affected

Non-smoking patients and staff risk their health by spending time or socializing in smoky areas; like smoking rooms or in the open air, inhaling others' second-hand smoke.

Smoke odors

Normally smoke odors are left in hair and clothes, something that is drastically reduced by smoking in a smoking cabin.


Protecting patients, workers, and guests from passive smoking 

A main goal of hospitals and clinics is to offer a safe and accommodating environment for their patients, staff, and guests. This includes all mental health facilities.

Smoking cabins can be used as an interim solution towards an effective smoking cessation strategy, by allocating a specific time for patients to smoke, while they are steadily and safely weaned off their nicotine habit.

Solutions with a proven track record 

Having a smoking cabin with instant capturing offers several important benefits:

  • Protects all staff, patients and visitors from the harmful effects of second‐hand smoke

  • With a time allocation plan, is effective in helping smokers to reduce their amount of daily cigarettes and/or quit

  • Does not pollute the indoor or outdoor environment

  • Having a smoking cabin with instant capturing helps ensure the surrounding areas don’t smell of smoke. (This is solely dependent on the person smoking exhales their last drag within the cabin before exiting)

  • All our smoking cabins, air filtration units, ash-handling systems are routinely maintained to guarantee full functionality, always!

Keep staff closer to their stations

Within mental health facilities, incidents can be frequent that need immediate attention from staff. Having personnel have to leave their stations often, to go outside to smoke has many disadvantages that are known to have a negative effect on their job as well as the environment. 

Testimonies show when patients who have to wait, or are denied smoking privileges because they don’t have access to a designated area to smoke, are vulnerable to becoming upset or aggressive.

How safe are our S-Line Safety cabins?

Laminated and tempered safety glass

Safety net covering all openings

Secured, mounted
holder for lighters

Secured fixed ash handling system and small table

Safety features for demanding environments

The S-Line Safety series offers a smoking cabin with maximum protection against passive smoking and dangerous gases. It is also the world's first smoke cabin meeting the DIN standards' most stringent fire safety requirements, and is certified by the world-leading German testing institute, MFPA in Leipzig.

Every single component of the new S-Line Safety has been redesigned to create a smoking cabin that is completely fire-resistant. In the event of a fire in the premise, our cabins have zero effect on it, nor do they produce any dangerous gases. 

These meticulous features on the S-Line Safety series smoking cabins make them possible to be placed within escape routes.

Safety Glass

In the event a patient becomes aggressive, all of our smoking cabins come installed with shatterproof, safety glass in order to protect them from them hurting themselves or others.

Ash Handling System

Our patented, fireproof, Ash Handling System (AHS) offers protection from the risk of fire as well as prevents lingering odors from cigarette butts. There is also a built-in capacity control that allows you to have the most optimal solution for your needs. The AHS comes in two different sizes with capacities of 4,500 or 9,000 cigarettes. 

How do I calculate my capacity?

Every situation is different, but a recent visit to a current hospital we help revealed, one wing, housing fourteen, short-term patients, shows that our Ash Handling System disposes of approximately 4,000 cigarettes a month, from one smoking cabin alone. 


Although, we don’t manufacture automatic flameless, cigarette lighters, our clients have had success with easily installing accessories/add-ons into our cabins, for specific instances when patients aren’t allowed to be exposed to open flames. Ozilite is a company, whose product we see in some of our cabins from time to time that offer flameless solutions.

Benefits of using our air cleaning systems

Easy to relocate.
Energy efficient
Only needs one, standard, electric socket to plug into.
Better alternative
Better alternative than a traditional smoking room: Protects non-smokers from inhaling second hand/ third hand smoke.
More control
Keeps patients and staff where you want them.
Instant capturing of particles and tobacco related smoke derived from smoking, so there’s no trace of smoke or harmful particles anywhere outside of the smoking cabin, or smoking lounge.
Configured or Customizable
We offer smoking cabins to accommodate 1, up to 8 people at a time, plus other features such as weatherproof glass for outdoor use, and ash handling systems.
Nonflammable/ Fireproof
All our smoking cabins are certified fire-resistant, meeting the highest demands in fire safety, according to DIN standards. It is also certified by the world leading test institute of MFPA in Leipzig, Germany.
Odor free
Instant capturing from our smoking cabins means smoke odors will not spread outside of the smoking area.

Hear what others have to say

“Significantly improved our working environment thanks to smoking cabins”

Jan Roger Kristiansen, Caretaker, Psychiatric Department at Lovisenberg Diakonale Sykehus, Oslo (Norway)


The number of smokers among inpatients at Vor Frues hospital is approximately 35 patients out of a total of 9 places (distri­buted among 6 smoking cabins) at any given time.


“Previously, the problem of smoke smell was a recurring theme in annual HSE assessments of the work environment. It took three or four years for us to get the smoke smell out of a room that had previously been used as a smoking room, despite extensive refurbishment”, says caretaker Jan Roger Kristiansen.


“Less smoke smell, improved indoor air quality, happier staff and fellow patients because there is little or no odour in the communal areas”, concludes Jan Roger.

Where we make a difference today

Products that purify the air

Check out our whole range of air cleaners and smoke-free solutions, and see which are right for you.

Along with offering cleaner air and smoking solutions to hospitals and psychiatric wards,
we also accommodate halfway houses and homeless shelters.

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