Whether your business is at an office, school, gym, or clinic, find the answers here to live better and do business better. We provide solutions for both a healthier, safer, and cleaner working environment as well as solutions to accommodate smokers and non-smokers.

Lobbies / Waiting areas

Lobbies and waiting areas are places for colleagues, guests, clients, friends and families to meet. Lobbies are also public areas, prone to easily spread and infect people with germs, bacteria, and infection. If your lobby entrance borders the outside, you also risk taking in pollen, smoke and other allergens into your premises every time the door is opened, and also carried in by people.

Recognize these challenges?


When your indoor air is not cleaned, pollen and asthma sufferers can be exposed to a number of symptoms, making for an uncomfortable stay.

Spread of germs

Commonly, flus, viruses and bacteria infect others through airborne transmission; especially in smaller public spaces.


Entrances to lobbies facing the outdoors are notorious for bringing in others’ secondhand smoke from outside, which can linger in the indoor air; plus, the unattractive appearance of cigarette butts scattered outside the entrance.

Odors from outside and guests

Smoke, “wet dog”, perfume, body odour from others, and unsavoury outdoor smells can affect the indoor environment, making it seem unsanitary.

We have solutions for you

For every type of common indoor airborne pollution, we offer an easy, affordable solution. Our air filtration systems and smoking cabins capture the airborne particles and impurities in the air and release pure, clean, unscented air. This is do to our award winning, patented filtration technology. Our air cleaning units come in discreet ceiling models, as well as mobile floor units.

Benefits with having QleanAir solutions

Healthier guests
and staff
Risk of contaminating others or catching a virus from the air is significantly lowered.
Allergy free
Guests and staff have a significantly reduced chance of showing allergy symptoms caused by airborne particles, no matter what season it is outside, or what others have carried in with them. (e.g., hair/pet dander on clothes, escaped down feathers from coats, etc.)
Neutral scent
Enjoy a space that promotes a neutral scent environ­ment, not others’ personal fragrances (smoke, perfume, body odor, etc.)
A well circulated, clean air flow will help with distri­bu­tion of ideal room tempera­ture which correlates to lower energy bills.

Where we make a difference today

Products that purify the air

Check out our whole range of air cleaners and smoke-free solutions, and see which are right for you.

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