Whether your business is at an office, school, gym, or clinic, find the answers here to live better and do business better. We provide solutions for both a healthier, safer, and cleaner working environment as well as solutions to accommodate smokers and non-smokers.


Your clientele and reputation are everything. Gyms are usually located in huge spaces with poor ventilation/filtration systems. This may pose several problems; from training issues to cleaning. Our bodies need more oxygen to feed our muscles when training and poor indoor air quality can limit our success at the gym. See what solutions we have for you!

Recognize these challenges?

Bad air quality

Antiquated, dirty ventilation systems keep the indoor air still, which is harder to breathe when working out.

Smelly environment

Gyms are prone to bad odors from sweat and body odor.

Dusty equipment

Poor indoor air quality makes dust settle faster on surfaces and equipment, giving the appearance of unsanitary conditions.


Our bodies need more oxygen when we are training hard. Poor air quality limits this, which limits our workouts.

We have solutions for you

Through our award-winning, patented, filtration technology, we have developed smart solutions for gyms to significantly enhance their air quality; giving your business and your clientele an advantage over other standard workout facilities.

Depending on your size and needs, our air filtration systems accomodate both smaller and larger areas.

Benefits with having QleanAir solutions

Clean, pure, flowing air aids our bodies in getting the extra oxygen it needs during a strenuous workout. It also gives people more energy and makes them feel more alert.
Neutral scent
No more sweaty, body odor “stench” in the air, common at gyms.
Having a smart airflow will also help regulate the room’s temperature, making for a more comfortable environment and possibly lowering your heating/cooling bills.
Equipment will need less cleaning because dust wont easily settle on them.

Where we make a difference today

Products that purify the air

Check out our whole range of air cleaners, and see which are right for you.

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