Public spaces

When your business invites the public to its establishments, it’s important to keep your guests and patrons safe, and satisfied. Poor indoor air quality can cause people to feel tired, over-heated, uncomfortable and irritable; not to mention not wanting to spend money. Great, public, indoor environments with ultra clean, fresh air provide a number of benefits to not only businesses, but to guests and the environment too.


Our air cleaners are quiet and discreet, so your patrons can concentrate and enjoy their food and company. A space with clean, fresh air will enhance their dining experience as well as provide a healthy environment.

QleanAir Scandinavia’s smoking cabin solutions offer your business and guests the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of staying close by; a feature that will draw in more people because most restaurants and clubs in your area probably don't have these accommodations.

Recognize these challenges?

Keeping customers

Loyal patrons want to feel accommodated. With so many restaurants out now, it’s harder to make and keep loyal customers.


Strong odors from other peoples’ food, perfume, as well as others’ personal odors interrupting your diners’ experience.

Polluted entrance

An outside entrance littered with cigarette butts and reeking of smoke appear unattractive and unclean to guests and critics.

Bar revenues

Studies show guests who go out to smoke spend less at the bar. Also the inconvenience customers feel having to go out in bad weather; only to come back in cold, wet, and uncomfortable.

We have a solution for you

Statistics within the last few years show repeat customers make up 51% at fine-dining restaurants and 63% at family-dining eateries. One of the biggest reasons for returning patrons is their dining experience. Our most popular solution restaurants look for are our smoking cabins. These cabins offer a definite advantage for visitors and employees over conventional restaurants. Another popular solution is our patent designed, air filtration units, so your guests can enjoy dining in a clean, neutral scented environment.

Benefits with having QleanAir solutions

Recent testimonials show an increase in bar revenues for establishments with smoking cabins.
all guests
Smokers don't have to freeze or get rained on by having to smoke outside in bad weather; at the same time can safely smoke indoors without influencing the air quality or smell at all.
Cleaner outdoor
Your sidewalks and parking area wont be littered by cigarette butts.
Neutral scent
Guests can enjoy their food better by not smelling others’ strongly scented food, perfume, or body odors.

Hear what others have to say

”Overall, our air purifiers make the air in the restaurant cleaner, and give it a more upmarket feel.” 

Miguel & Rob, Managers, Maya & Mayita Restaurants, Shanghai (China)


Maya and Mayita are Mexican-Californian themed restaurants based in Shanghai, China, and voted “restaurant of the year” for several, consecutive years by known food magazines.


The restaurants have semi open kitchen that appeal to the guests, but that also has an issue with cooking fumes. There’s also the challenge of having the indoor air cleaner than the outdoor air in China.


Today, Maya and Mayita both use several AirQlean Low 115/202 air filtration units throughout their restaurants, which receive praise by their staff and their diners.

Where we make a difference today

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Check out our whole range of air cleaners and smoke-free solutions, and see which are right for you.

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