Outdoor Smoking Lounge

A weatherproof outdoor solution

The Outdoor Smoking Lounge is a sturdy, aluminum and glass construction that protects the out­door environment from smoke and keeps your area clean. Because of its modular con­struc­tion, it can be placed anywhere outside and is strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Protects people

The Outdoor Smoking Lounge is a larger, sheltered smoking area where smokers in a pleasant atmosphere can stay without the environment being affected by passive smoking. The lounge catches the smoke particles directly at the source so that they do not get into the environment, preventing the spread of smoke into public places, buildings, workplaces, etc. 


Space and comfort

Smokers can enter the lounge by an easy to open sliding door, which also gives accessibility to those who are wheelchair bound. These benefits make the Outdoor Smoking Lounge perfect for airports, hospitals, public buildings, and other types of workplaces. 

The Outdoor Smoking Lounge will be delivered complete, including lighting and two freestanding, fireproof, ash handling systems (QleanUp) that eliminate problems with cigarette butts and ashes.

Air cleaning

Above the QleanUps, the smoke is captured by a high efficient air flow, which is then cleaned by our patented filtration system.


The cigarettes are collect­ed and contained in the patented, fireproof and scent free aluminum disposal system (QleanUp™)


Additionally, you have the choice to customize the lounge with a heater, and an optional gutter to redirect the rain and melting water.

The technology behind the solution

1. Capturing the smoke

A smoke free environment can only be created if the smoke is captured before it spreads. This is achieved by creating a strong airflow, which draws the smoke in the desired direction into the filters.

2. Filtering of harmful gases and particles

Through our patented, multi-stage filtration technology, the smallest tobacco specific gases and particles are captured and removed from your air. From the moment of installation, we ensure that we live up to our promises, which includes our regular maintenance and our lifetime performance guarantee.

3. Air outlet

When the air has been purified of all harmful gases and particles, pure, clean air is released back into the environment.

4. Fireproof ash handling system

Our unique, fi reproof, ash handling system, QleanUp, handles the disposal of ashes and cigarette ends; together with a valve solution, keeps it airtight to avoid smoke residue common with traditional ashtrays. A standing height table is also fitted, providing a more comfortable experience for the users.


 Model Outdoor Smoking Lounge
 Material Aluminium / Tempered glass / Laminated glass

 3100 mm
 2550 mm
 2100 mm

 12000 / service 
 Certifications CE

 1) Assembly height: 3000 mm.

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