Indoor Lounge

An all inclusive Indoor Lounge

QleanAir’s Indoor Lounge is a large, enclosure, where smokers can spend time without any of the surroundings being affected by passive smoking. It is a ready for use, flexible module, delivered complete in a lounge format.

The Indoor Lounge uses QleanAir’s technology to capture, filter and clean the air before it is returned to the premises. The air cleaning makes it easy to place the lounge in surroundings where many people are in transit. The high filtration rate makes the atmos­phere pleasant both inside and outside.

The Indoor Lounge is also economical to install. Sectional flat pack modules are installed in around eight working hours and they are easy to move or restructure when changes are made on the premises. The Indoor Lounge is delivered complete, including lighting and QleanUp™; our independent handling system for ash and cigarette butts. The circulation works using HEPA and gas filters which functions completely independently from local HVAC system.

Benefits with the Indoor Lounge

Protects surroundings from passive smoking
Efficient air cleaning
Lifetime function guarantee with QleanAir's service

The technology behind the solution

1. Separating contaminated air

A smoke free environment can only be created if the polluted air is captured before it spreads. The Lounge makes this possible and the strategic placed air inlets, over the tables, sends the polluted air into our powerful, multi-stage air filtration system. The Lounge is offering a high-capacity solution for cleaning polluted air from particles and gases.

2. Filtration of harmful gases and particles

The Lounge is equipped with two AirQlean High filtration systems that cleans and recirculate the cleaned air back into the Lounge. Our powerful S Cabinet Solo cleans the air going out from the Lounge and in to the greater environment with our multiple filter technology. HEPA filters and several layers of active carbon ensures a highly efficient cleaning of gases and particles.

3. Air outlet

When the air has been purified of harmful gases and particles, purified air is released back into the environment.

4. Emphasis on safety

Our unique fireproof ash handling system QleanUp™ handles the disposal of ash and cigarette ends. A valve solution keeps it air­tight avoiding the smoke residue seen with traditional ashtrays.


 Model Indoor Lounge
 Material Aluminium / Hardened Glass / Steel

 3090 mm
 2585 mm
 2680 mm

 12000 / service
 Up to 1800 m3 / h
 Certifications CE / GS-IFI-M14

 1) Assembly height 2900 mm.

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