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QleanAir Scandinavia provides products and solutions for air cleaning in existing facilities by either diluting its contaminants, capturing them at the source or provide clean air for specific purposes. Typical application areas range from automotive, food and general production industry, warehouse logistics, smoking rooms to waiting rooms and infection wards in hospitals.


In professional facilities, the capacity and efficiency of the installed ventilation is most often not enough to maintain a good and healthy indoor air quality. Dust and harmful particles generated in the facility or imported from outside can have a negative effect on people, products and processes.

Improving the workforce's health and productivity
Today, a great focus is placed on the quality and health effects of what we eat and drink. At QleanAir Scandi­na­via we believe this should also be the case for the air we breathe. During an average day, a person typically spends 80 % of their time indoors, consumes 1 kg of food, 2–3 kg of fluid and breathes 20–30 kg of air. Bad air quality affects the personnel's health and ability to perform.

Increased attractiveness of products and services
Creating a cleaner environment throughout your business, removing polluted air, dust and harmful particles may also have positive effects on your sales; i.e., giving service sectors such as hotels, gyms and stores a clean impression and feel, which may be more appealing to clients and in some environments, also a unique selling point.

Lower costs for heat and maintenance
Clean air will allow for optimal ventilation, cutting down heating costs. Less airborn particles will cause less wear and tear on machine and equippment, allowing for less lighter or less frequent service maintanence. Clean air will simply increase your profits. Year after year.


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