Larger air cleaners

With over 25 years of experience of cleaning air in indoor environments, we have used our expertise and customer knowledge to develop an assortment of powerful, stand-alone air cleaners that create healthy air quality for people, products, and processes.

In many indoor environments, the capacity and efficiency of the installed ventilation system is not sufficient to maintain good and healthy air quality. Airborne pollutants and high particle levels can have a negative effect on people, products and processes. Freestanding air cleaning solutions are a cost and energy efficient addition to complement the existing ventilation system.

Our range of larger air cleaners consists of four powerful and efficient air cleaning solutions, where each unit is configured with the filter and accessories that are optimal for your needs.

All QleanAir air cleaners have mechanical filtration, automatic air flow control and regular service. This ensures constant air flow and efficiency over time.

FS 70 – a flexible air cleaner with a wide range of applications
Suitable for dusty industrial and warehouse environments, as well as for offices and public operations. Can be used to clean air in premises as well as to provide processes with filtered air. QleanAir's best-selling air purifier with a large customer base across Europe.

FS 70 FG (Food Grade) – for the beverage and food industry
This uses the same filtration technology as FS 70 but with design and details adapted to the hygiene requirements in the food industry. Stainless steel chassis, food-grade seals and gaskets, as well as smooth and rounded edges.

FS 70 HEPA – air purification in hospitals and care environments
FS 70 with HEPA 14 filters - the filter class commonly used to filter out bacteria, viruses and other airborne contaminants in sensitive medical environments. Mainly aimed at health care environments with high standards of cleanliness, mobility and low noise levels, but also suitable for other businesses in need of HEPA-filtered air.

FS 90 – an extra powerful air cleaner for large spaces
The FS 90 is one of the most powerful air cleaners on the market, with an air flow of up to 10,000 m3/hour. Suitable for large halls and spaces, e.g. warehouses, logistics centers, distribution centers, production facilities and other similar industrial environments. Also available in a roof-hung version.

Are you unsure of what solution suits your business? Contact us and we will guide you to the best solution for your needs.

Choose which air cleaner suit your needs


A powerful, industrial air cleaner for large halls & spaces

Daily, warehouses and logistics centers are bombarded with boxes, crates, and parcels. Together, with intense forklift traffic creates a dusty environment. The same is true in production facilities, where supplies, as well as processes such as grinding, cutting, and polishing, generate dust and smoke. High particle counts in these areas are a leading contribution to a series of negative effects on both inventory and personnel, eventually interrupting business operations.

Recognize these challenges?

Cardboard and wood dust

Generated by friction when sorting and handling the boxes and pallets.

Concrete and rubber dust

Generated by forklift tires while turning on the concrete floors.

Exhaust fumes

Entering from the loading docks from trucks delivering and picking up goods as well as forklifts within the warehouse.

Dust and smoke

Entering from the large entrance and exit ways of the shipping/loading docks.


Particles people expel from working indoors (hair, skin, germs, etc).


Due to leaks, flooding, dampness, and high humidity.

The traffic and accumulation from the items received, stored, and shipped wreak havoc on the air quality, causing high particle counts in the environment, affecting the health of the workers and the inventory.

Unsafe working conditions

Facility managers know first-hand that the question of the dust being considered toxic is not up for discussion at all. You can see a haze in the air from the floating dust and soot in many distribution halls. If that is not evident enough, workers exposed to these conditions may exhibit a multitude of symptoms, including irritated airways, black handkerchiefs, and long-term respiratory issues.

Limited on floor space?

As efficient as floor mounted air management systems are, at certain facilities, floor space may be limited or not ideal for those types of solutions, leading to the only other option being ceiling mounted air cleaners.


A cleaner environment

Introducing the new, QleanAir FS 90. Indisputably one of the most powerful industrial air cleaners available on the market today; designed specifically for large industrial environments.

Key components of the FS 90 “air handling system”

The unit houses many features sought after by facility managers, including:

  • Dual inlet

  • Multi-stage mechanical filtration (ISO 16890)

  • Energy-efficient EC fan producing large air volumes

  • Automatic airflow regulation

  • Filter alarm

  • Silent operation

  • Robust wheels for easy mobility

  • Hybrid mounting option (floor/ceiling)

In a class of its own

With the FS 90’s hybrid mounting technology, allowing for both floor and ceiling mounting options, plus its incredible airflow, these features make it not only extremely adaptable, but possibly the world’s most powerful air cleaner!

Because the unit is self-contained, it is not necessary to connect to an HVAC system, allowing its smart airflow to keep the heated or air-conditioned air from escaping outside of your facility.

Which spaces are best suited for the FS 90 air cleaner?

Essentially any large space with a need for safer, cleaner air quality. Interim or permanent storage facilities, warehouses, loading docks, logistics terminals, and large inventory/stock rooms are all spaces that can benefit from the powerful FS 90.

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Benefits from using our clean air solutions

Healthier environment

Easier to work and breathe in/improves working conditions

Cleaner inventory

Significantly less floating dust particles on goods/parcels/packages
Helps reduce downtime

Fewer interruptions in processes

Less cleaning

Having less dust and dirt in the air and on surfaces means less time dusting, as well as significantly reduced allergies caused by dust mites and particles in the air and on surfaces.
Lower operating costs

Fewer clogs and maintenance. Our systems promote a smart airflow, which helps regulate temperature and can reduce energy bills, due to heating/cooling.

Flexible solution

Independent on existing HVAC system, easily moved and adopted to changing requirements.


Model QleanAir FS 90 Standing QleanAir FS 90 Celing mounted
Material Powder coated steel Powder coated steel
Height / Height on wheels

790 mm
1723 / 1821 mm
1164 mm

1175 mm
1268 / – mm
1211 mm
Weight 140 kg

0–10 000 m3/h
Speed regulation: Incremental power levels / Automated airflow regulation
Seamless / 3 positions

The technology behind the solution

1  INTAKE – Captures pollution

The QleanAir FS 90 have two large inlets on the front and rear of the unit to maximize intake volume, and to reduce the risk of involuntary blockage. For safety reasons, the inlets are protected by a grid.

2  FILTRATION – Separates harmful particles and contaminants

Using a multi-stage filtration technique, airborne particles and contaminants are effectively separated from the air. The QleanAir FS 90 is equipped with a set of filters adapted to your unique needs. Right from installation, we make sure that we live up to our promises through measurements of particle reduction, monitoring of the units and our lifetime guarantee on functionality.

3  EXHAUST – Purified air is returned to the environment

After the air is purified from airborne particles and contaminants, it is returned to the room by a flexible exhaust for optimum recirculation, or for a specific purpose.

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