Cabin solutions

Cost savings and risk reduction with QleanAir smoking cabins. Thanks to the smoking cabin, major savings can be made when smoke breaks are shortened, use of premises are optimised and energy costs are reduced. Also, the risk of cigarette ends starting fires on the premises are non-existent with our patented fireproof Ash Handling System.


Robust aluminium, low maintenance and fire proof

With the S-Line, you can feel secure in offering a workplace with maximum protection against passive smoking, dangerous gases and with a fire proof design.

The S-Line is our smoking cabin utilized throughout the world; meeting the highest demands in fire safety, according to DIN standards. It is also certified by the world leading test institute of MFPA in Leipzig, Germany. Every component of the new S-Line has been meticulously designed to create a smoking cabin that is completely non-flammable. Even if a full fire is established around the unit, it will not have any escalating effect on the fire, or develop any dangerous gases. Our smoking cabins are also allowed along certain emergency exits and escape routes.  

Suitable for:

  • Production environments
  • Mobile working places
  • Narrow hallways
  • Control rooms and security rooms
  • Sites with high fire protection requirements

The S-Line currently has three sizes: S30, S40 and S60. The S30 has a capacity of 5–7 regular smokers, the S40 has a capacity of 10–15 regular smokers, whereas the S60 has a capacity of 20–30 regular smokers.*

* Capacity is based on smokers who each smoke 5–7 cigarettes/day, 21 days/month.



The S-Line currently has five models, with a capacity for up to 2 / 4 / 6 smokers at one time.

Why a smoke free cabin solution?

We handle all the negative consequences of tobacco smoke. A healthy, safe and cost effective solution. We protect non-smokers without penalising smokers. Our smoking solution secures a total elimination of smell and smoke including all hazardous gases and odour. And if that is not enough, there are many other reasons to choose us.

The technology behind the solution

Our smoke free air purification system creates a completely smoke and odor free environment.

1  Capturing the smoke

A smoke free environment can only be created if the polluted air is captured before it spreads. The smoking cabin makes this possible and the strategic placed air inlets, over the table, sends the polluted air into our powerful, multi-stage air filtration system.

2  Filtering of harmful gases and particles

Through our patented, multi-stage filtration technology, the tobacco specific gases and particles are captured and removed from your air. From the moment of installation, we ensure that we live up to our promises, which includes our regular main­tenance and our lifetime performance guarantee.

3  Air outlet

When the air has been purified of harmful gases and particles, purified air is released back into the environment.

4  Fireproof ash handling system

Our unique, fireproof ash handling system (AHS) handles the disposal of ashes and cigarette ends. A valve solution keeps it airtight to avoid smoke residue common with traditional ashtrays.

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