Financial Targets & Dividend Policy


QleanAir’s objective is to achieve an average annual rate of organic growth of approximately 10 percent in the medium to long-term.


QleanAir’s objective is to achieve an EBIT-margin of 15-20 percent in the medium to long- term.

Dividend policy

QleanAir’s objective is that between 30-50 percent of the profit for the year shall be distributed as dividends to shareholders. The dividend proposal shall take into account QleanAir’s long-term development potential, financial position and investment needs.

Strategy, Business concept, Vision, Mission & Values


QleanAir has a clear strategy for realizing continued capital efficiency and profitable growth for the Company. QleanAir’s strategic plan is focused on the following initiatives.

  • Expand the sales organization
  • New products and solutions
  • Strategic resource planning
  • Opportunities beyond the business plan such as launching of new products and technologies, geographic expansion into new markets, broadening of end- markets to sports club, schools and hotel.

Business concept

QleanAir shall offer modular solutions for indoor air cleaning in order to protect people, product and processes.


QleanAir shall be a world leading supplier of freestanding solutions for air-cleaning within indoor environments in those product categories in which QleanAir chooses to operate.


QleanAir operates to create healthy indoor environments that contribute to improved productivity of people, products and processes.


For work environment and health with quality and confidence.


QleanAir is a niche premium provider of clean indoor environment solutions. The company’s business model is based on lease contracts for modular solutions with a full- service offer. QleanAir solutions are developed using filter technology that traps, filters and recycles indoor air. The company has approximately 8,100 installed units at more than 2,500 customers on the markets for EMEA, APAC and the Americas. For full year 2018, net sales amounted to SEKm 401 and operating margin was 15 percent. QleanAir head office is in Solna, Sweden, and the company had 94 employees at the end of September 2019.