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Meeting your standards for technical cleanliness and worker protection, today and for the future.


Operating in a clean air environment is one of the key factors attributing to “evolution and innovation”; the driving force behind a competitive automotive and supplier industry.

Improve productivity, and protect your people, products and processes.

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Clean Zones for technical cleanliness

Creating a room with clean air in a dirty environment with high particle concentration starts by keeping contaminated air out. This is attained by maintaining the air inside our cleanrooms at a higher air pressure than that in the workshop. Typically, 15 Pa greater pressure than in the surrounding area. A system of fans and filters then maintain a balanced flow, with clean inlet air, creating a local overpressure area in the clean zone.

HEPA filters combined with the correct airflow will guarantee a clean work environment, independent of the existing HVAC system.

Our modular construction consists of using standard components to build to the customers’ specifications, making these systems cost and time efficient to install.

The modules are very easy to move if there are changes in the production environment. The system is delivered ready for use with 230 V electricity supply, including HEPA filters with high capacity and long intervals between filter changes.

Benefits of controlling your environment

Excellent work environment
– a clean air zone

Protecting equipment in tough production environments

Flexible installation,
delivered ready to use

Easy to move

Independent of the
existing HVAC system

Easily placed in any
production environment

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