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Operating in a clean air environment is one of the key factors attributing to “evolution and innovation”; the driving force behind a competitive automotive and supplier industry.

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Technical cleanliness in the Automotive industry

What exactly is clean?
The term “clean” is relative, unless you’re describing technical cleanliness. The manufacturing, electronic, automotive and supplier industries all have their compliances and levels of “cleanliness”. (VDA 19 / ISO 16232 specifications, etc.)

The need to control the air quality is for the protection of components and products. “Technical cleanliness”, a term commonly used within the production, engineering, and automotive industry identifies the standards with regards to protecting the product; as more and more advanced technical systems are sensitive to residual and foreign particles.

Residual particles (dirt, debris, dust, metal fragments, etc.) from the production process can result in the malfunctioning of components, causing several interruptions and set-backs; most notably:

  • Errors/test failures
  • Corrective modifications/rework
  • Customer complaints
  • Recalls

It can also affect the performance, durability and lifespan of a product. These types of known disruptions lead to unnecessary high costs for companies.

Technical cleanliness and the automotive industry
The German automotive and supplier industry is continually implementing several processes when developing new techniques and methods towards manufacturing components under strict, cleanliness specifications in order to avoid contamination, and to ensure the products’ quality and functionality.

Control over the air quality in one’s environment
significantly reduces the risk of contaminated
components and introduces technical cleanliness

QleanAir Scandinavia operates internationally, working with the automotive and supplier industry as well as other sectors within industry. We offer advice on contamination management, and supply facility solutions for control of indoor air quality and operating environments, for optimizing production processes with regards to technical cleanliness.

As a buyer, the importance of having clean air during production may be understandably overlooked, when we are assuming our bought products will work without a hitch; but having a clean air environment means everything to the manufacturers, in assuring that you are getting a safe, quality product that will last.

Our line of industrial air cleaners have been specifically developed to shape the future of safe and efficient operation within the automotive industry and as a compliment to VDA QMC standards.


QleanAir FS 70; a versatile air purifier for technical cleanliness in the automotive industry

The QleanAir FS 70, known throughout the automotive industry, was designed and developed with versatility, reliability and the double utilization of pollution reduction as well as clean air supply in mind. The design of the units allows them to be deployed for a wide range of tasks which include, particle and gas filtration, clean air supply in sensitive processes, and workforce protection in hostile environments, to name a few. Because it has mechanical filtration instead of electrostatic, it does not produce any ozone. The QleanAir FS 70 operates cleanly.

Depending on the task, the QleanAir FS 70 can be custom configured with a range of mechanical filters to solve different types of particle contamination challenges. The mechanical filtration in combination with “automated flow steering” ensures our clients a constant performance throughout time. The unit can also be equipped with a set of carbon filters in order to resolve challenges with different types of gases.

Benefits with having a clean environment

Excellent work environment
– a clean air zone

Protecting equipment in tough production environments

Flexible installation,
delivered ready to use

Easy to move

Independent of the
existing HVAC system

Easily placed in any
production environment

The bottom line
Implementing a solution with the QleanAir FS70 in your facility will help you reduce or eliminate the challenges you face with particles, residues, dust and gases, in order to protect your products, processes and employees. For more information and product information on the QleanAir FS 70, click here.

Solutions that make the difference
Are you in the automobile and supply industry looking for a customized solution to solve a specific problem or area? Contact your local QleanAir Scandinavia representative here to schedule an appointment or find out more information on:

  • Consultation and measuring of air quality in the environment

  • Air filtration solutions, customized and calibrated for your specific environment and needs

  • Regularly, scheduled measuring and maintenance of your clean air environment to ensure functionality and reliability throughout time

  • Adding several FS 70's in an open environment creates a clean zone

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