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How Smoking cabins are a proven solution
for protecting non-smokers, as well as operations

Working in an environment that depends on its people to streamline production means it’s beneficial to keep them close to their stations as well as provide a safe working environment; but how does that affect smokers and non-smokers?

This issue has become a very common challenge and spoken about topic within the automotive and supplier industry. In the past, there were two common scenarios; both unsuccessful for several reasons… Smokers either smoked in their working areas, causing health risks and an unpleasant environment toward non-smokers, as well as increasing the risk of a fire.

The other option was that smokers left their work areas to walk quite far to go outside, or to another designated area to take a cigarette break. Considering such factors, as the time it takes the employees to go there and smoke, there’s also the occurrence that smokers away from their work areas may socialize a little longer than they initially planned, plus have the commute back to their station. Taking that into account and adding the amount of smoke breaks the average worker takes in a day, this option has shown to significantly reduce production.

Smoking cabins show many valuable benefits

Testimonial after testimonial, we witness the contentment from both facility managers and em­ploy­ees by having a smoking cabin near their working stations, offering a safe and economic solution. Here are ways you and your facility can benefit from our S-Line and SF-Line smoking cabins:


Keep employees close to their workstations.


Cabin solutions give the ability for both non-smokers and smokers to safely socialize in the same area.


The ash handling system in all our smoking cabins is certified as fireproof.


We offer different sizes to accommodate more or less congested areas/easily fits into all indoor environments.


Our smoking cabins help protect the air quality in an indoor environment by trapping the smoke emitted from smokers and cigarettes, and by releasing clean air back into the surrounding area.


Our smoking cabins come with one of the best service plans in the industry, making sure your cabins are always running at peak performance, cleaned, and maintained.

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