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Operating in a clean air environment is one of the key factors attributing to “evolution and innovation”; the driving force behind a competitive automotive and supplier industry.

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Workers' protection in the automotive industry

There are distinct reasons for controlling the air quality in an industrial environment. One is, to protect the people (workers & guests) at a facility from contaminated air derived from the by-products of the production process, or from the environment itself.

Recognize these challenges?

Common contributors at facilities that can cause health issues.

Paint fumes

Micro plastics in the air

Smoke / Soot / Oil particles

Rubber particles


Dust / Dirt / Pollen / Debris


The versatile air purifier, QleanAir FS 70, for occupational health in the automotive industry

The QleanAir FS 70, known throughout the automotive industry, was designed and developed with one sole purpose: To clean the air better and more efficiently than anything on the market. Because it has mechanical filtration instead of electrostatic, it does not produce any ozone. The QleanAir FS 70 operates cleanly.

The QleanAir FS 70 can be custom configured with HEPA filtration and addition carbon filters to capture gasses and fumes in cooperation with its HEPA filters that successfully capture all types of air particles (large and small), and release clean air back into the surrounding environment.

Benefits from using our clean air solutions

Excellent work environment
– a clean air zone

Protecting people in tough production environments

Flexible installation,
delivered ready to use

Easy to move

Independent of the
existing HVAC system

Easily placed in any
production environment


Adding fabric ducting systems/textile diffusers help focus where your clean air zones are; significantly improving specific types of work environments and aiding in the protection of your people, products, and processes. With regards to health, implementing these high diffusion, porous, tubes over working stations allows clean air to be sent towards the nose and mouth where people breathe, while pushing the dirtier air towards the floor, to be captured by the QleanAir FS 70 air purifiers.

Other benefits from having permeable, textile diffusers are that they are anti microbial, anti static, flame retardant and offer a high volume, low velocity air circulation to help keep it comfortable for workers.

The bottom line

Implementing the QleanAir FS 70 at your facility will significantly reduce dust, debris, and air contaminants from settling on machinery and products, as well as help protect your people from inhaling dangerous particles and becoming sick. For more information and product information on the QleanAir FS 70, click here.

Solutions that make the difference

Are you in the automobile and supply industry looking for a customized solution to solve a specific problem or area? Contact your local QleanAir Scandinavia representative here to schedule an appointment or find out more information on:

  • Consultation and measuring of air quality in the environment
  • Air filtration systems, customized and calibrated for your specific environment and needs
  • ISO cleanrooms for the ultimate control in manufacturing of complex technical systems
  • Equipping spaces to function as positive (over-pressure), negative pressure rooms, and/or ante-rooms
  • Regularly, scheduled testing and maintenance of your clean air environment to ensure the quality of your products are not compromised

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