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    Better air is better for business by every measure. The benefits of having a healthy, clean air environment are seen and expressed throughout businesses in every type of industry; both, from a health standpoint as well as an economic one.

    QleanAir Scandinavia is passionate about creating healthy, indoor environments that significantly help protect and enhance the performance of people, products, and processes.

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    Voices of QleanAir Scandinavia

    Amanda Helms Myers


    We are dedicated and passionate about delivering patient and healthcare worker safety while mitigating safety risk and costly impacts to the lives of all men, women, and children who deserve quality healthcare.
    Andreas Göth


    What I believe unifies the people working in QleanAir, regardless of job function or nationality, is the passion to protect people from pollution and contamination.  We are on a mission to create clean and healthy indoor environments.
    Patrick Albrecht


    With an enormous diversity of clients and products you will always find possibilities to protect people, products. We are solution oriented, forward thinking and self confident thanks to our experience and passion.


    The EPA lists indoor air pollution as among the top five environmental health risks.

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    There’s a natural symbiotic relationship between ecology and economy that allows us all to live better, while doing business better.

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    Reader’s Digest just woke up the world by their new, brave article on bad indoor air, called “Bad Air Day”. This is the most important detail they missed!

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    Know your air

    We offer an analysis of the particles
    in your surrounding air.