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    Better air is better for business by every measure. The benefits of having a healthy, clean air environment are seen and expressed throughout businesses in every type of industry; both, from a health standpoint as well as an economic one.

    QleanAir Scandinavia is passionate about creating healthy, indoor environments that significantly help protect and enhance the performance of people, products, and processes.

    HEPA 14 filtered air protects people and reduces the spread of viruses

    HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) is a series of highly efficient filters, classified according to Standard EN 1822 for particle filters. HEPA filters are divided into two classes, HEPA 13 and HEPA 14, depending on how good they are at filtering out the particle size that is the most difficult to capture, known as MPPS (Most Penetrating Particle Size).

    HEPA 14, also known as H14, is used to filter out bacteria, viruses and other airborne pollutants in environments that are particularly sensitive to airborne particles, such as healthcare environments and laboratories. During the current pandemic, many companies have chosen to install air purification systems with HEPA 14 filters to ensure healthy air, even in environments that were not previously considered to be particularly sensitive, e.g. offices, schools, staff rooms, waiting rooms and public spaces.

    Air purification with HEPA 14 filters

    QleanAir has developed the FS 70 HEPA, a powerful air purifier for environments that require HEPA 14 filtration and a high degree of air circulation. It maintains a consistent level of efficiency over time, can be easily moved when needed and provides a high level of purification without disturbing staff or patients.

    Read more about FS 70 HEPA here »

    All HEPA 14 filters are tested individually and have at least 99.995% filtration efficiency for particles 0.1–0.2 μm* in size. This particle size is the most difficult to capture, and for larger as well as smaller particles, the filter has an even higher filtration efficiency.

    Do all QleanAir air purifiers have HEPA 14 filters?

    We use HEPA 14 filters as the main filters in air purifiers that will be installed in environments where it is important to minimise the spread of particles, viruses and bacteria.

    HEPA 14 is part of the standard setup for our smoking cabins and cleanrooms. The filter composition in our standalone air purifiers is adapted to the specific environment and the customer's needs, and HEPA 14 is included as an option.

    * μm is an abbreviation of micrometer, also referred to as micron, and is the unit of length used to measure particle size. 1 μm corresponds to 0.000001 metres (one millionth of a metre).


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