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Why Go Modular When There’s Stick Built?

Stick built, hard wall designs have been the most popular choice of hospital pharmacies prior to 2017, but statistics show, choosing modular throughout the world is rising.

What is modular, and why is it a worthy contender to stick built?

Cleanrooms based on prefabricated, pre-tested modules that are meant to be assembled in a custom-configured manner are considered modular and seen as complete, turn-key solution.

We’ve been using stick built in this hospital forever. Why would I need to change?

It’s a relevant question, and could equally be explained by two words: Future proof.

Cleanrooms usually need some form of remodeling or modification every five years or so to make them safer and more efficient. When dealing with a stick built, there are many people involved from different companies to build or modify one compounding facility. It's possible to have six or more separate businesses to deal with because of this, which can be time consuming, expensive, and a headache to deal with. With a turn-key solution, the entire physical infrastructure can be managed by a single provider.

Modular cleanrooms have several benefits because of their flexibility.

According to a recent DCD Intelligence report, because of the reduced complexity of the physical assembly process, modular hardware assembly shows a reduction in cost savings of 20-40%. This research is based on modular data centers, which share very similar construction and function as cleanrooms.

Other benefits to modular builds include:

  • Software Integration: In contrast to traditional facilities, which require the integration, programming and optimization of software management systems to be carried out on site, modular facilities arrive with management software and controls already pre-installed, programmed and optimized.

  • Project management: Pre-configured modular designs mean that the installation process, whether a new construction or reconfiguration of an existing modular cleanroom is significantly less complex resulting in a quicker, less costly, project management with minimal interruptions.

Join us at ASHP!

Come visit us at the 2019 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting, where we will be showcasing our QleanSpace cleanrooms, as well as answering any inquiries you have. The exhibit will be held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, from December 9-11 and we'll be located at booth #1829, so mark that in your calendars!

QleanSpace: More than just modular

Preparing your organization for an initial or renewal accreditation towards USP 797 and USP 800 is one of the many, included benefits of having a QleanAir solution. All the planning, financing, building, monitoring, servicing, and unbeatable guarantee with one, sole provider.

QleanAir Scandinavia is available for you anytime to discuss any question you have regarding your existing or future compounding pharmacy. Reach out to us here, and we will have a specialist in your area get back to you within 24 hours. You can also reach us at our U.S. headquarters at: +1 614-954-1040.

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