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Why Everyone and Every Business Should Own an Air Purifier


Fact. Every year, people in general, know more than the years prior, and hopefully, how to use the information given.

With that said, there's a very good reason why it seems every other article we see published is about air quality or the environment. We know more today about our air quality and the significant effect it has on our lifespan, well-being, performance, and productivity. Those are monumental cornerstones to our existence; both as people and as businesses.


The correlation of indoor ambient air particles and those who have suffered and/or died from strokes or cardiac arrest is evident, yet the emergence of society to develop towards safer conditions in their homes has had a slow start off.

In general, people have a harder time concerning themselves about long-term effects. It seems to obscure the cause-and-effect relationship between air quality and health; i.e. smoking. It's the short term that motivates action.

Commonly shown, a person would not want to be in a proximate area indoors where they know someone has a bad cold or flu, because they understand the immediate effect it can have on their health. But what about that same person doing everyday activities? – Walking on carpeted floors, dusting/vacuuming, using scented candles or spray around the home and/or office, cooking without a functioning exhaust system over the stove, day after day…

Did you know?

• The World Health Organization has published, “Of the 4.3 million people who died annually from exposure to household air pollutants, most perish from stroke (34%), ischaemic heart disease (26%) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (22%). Pneumonia and lung cancer account for 12% and 6% of deaths, respectively.”

• The Global Burden of Diseases study estimated that in 2015, air pollution accounted for 19% of all cardiovascular death, 21% of deaths due to stroke and 24% deaths due to ischaemic heart disease.


The manufacturing industry, food production, warehousing, and hospitals appear to take indoor air quality most seriously for many reasons; including regulations, as well as the accountability to protect their people, products, and processes; but what about schools and offices?

Even offices that appear to be “clean”, are subject to indoor ambient pollution. Fortunately, there's a rising trend in offices starting to adopt solutions to improve their indoor air quality and more air cleaners that are suitable for office environments.

Most common air pollutants in offices

  • People (skin/hair/clothing particles, germs, perfume)
  • Dust
  • Toner from copy machines and printers
  • Off-gassing of furniture and upholstery
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Air pollution coming in from the outdoors


Schools have not had the best grades overall in terms of improved air quality. It's ironic considering numerous studies show the correlation of better air quality (our school page) contributing to improved cognitive skills and concentration.

Many schools are in older buildings with antiquated, dirty ventilation systems. Many of them are also located near busy roads where air pollution is worse.


The key is to take ultra-fine particles out of your breathing zone. The best way to do that is by using a dedicated air purifier/air filtration system.

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