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Why Do Some Businesses Need Air Purification?

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One of the primary goals of our solutions is to protect human health. However, the air does not only affect us people but everything in the environment. For some companies, air purification is a prerequisite for also protecting products and operations.

When a company decides to invest in air purification from QleanAir Scandinavia, it comes from a need to improve and control the quality of their indoor air. We usually say that there is a need to protect one or more of the three P's - personnel, products, and processes.

1. Protecting staff & visitors

Our health is probably the first thing you think of as the main reason why you should clean the air. In recent years, numerous articles and studies have been published that show how strong the influence of the air content has on us, which is not so strange considering an average person inhales over 10,000 liters of air every day.

Why is ventilation not enough?

Ventilation is always the basis for good indoor air and it is sufficient in some environments. Unfortunately, however, it is very common that the ventilation system is not fully functional or sufficiently efficient, especially in older buildings and facilities. The need for supplemental air purification also depends on what is happening in the environment, both outdoors and indoors. With processes and activities that generate high particle content, e.g. In various production and storage environments, it is common for air purification to be added to create a healthy working environment. Read more about the difference between ventilation and air purification in this article.

How does air purification protect human health?

An effective air purification solution filters out particles and/or gases from the air. Depending on the filter combination, many different types of air pollution can be handled, such as dust and flour particles, viruses and tobacco smoke.

Those experiencing fatigue, headaches, itchy eyes, sneezing, asthma and difficulty breathing are symptoms that can derive from poor air quality. In addition to physical symptoms, you may find it difficult to concentrate and think clearly. Air pollution is called "the invisible danger" for a reason; many of the most harmful pollutants cannot be perceived by our minds, and some air pollutants only give symptoms long after exposure.

Remember that air purification should be adapted to the specific environment and regularly maintained to be effective.

2. Protecting products

We are one of the biggest threats to sensitive products. A person emits up to hundreds of thousands of particles per minute, depending on how much you move. It is everything from larger skin and hair particles to very small particles, such as bacteria and viruses. In addition to humans, there are many more sources that can harm products, e.g. air pollutants coming in through windows and doors; exhaust particles from cargo ports, etc.

Within the food industry, hygienic requirements are high and the need for air purification is very common. Air quality control can increase product quality and extend durability by preventing cross-contamination, particle contamination, and packaging problems.

Other examples of products in need of a high level of cleanliness are medicines and sensitive electronic equipment. In such cases, independent air purifiers are not enough, as an ISO cleanroom is required.

3. Protecting processes

Downtime, unplanned maintenance of equipment and dusty sensors. Time is our most precious currency and for a company, efficient and effective processes are important.

Many companies spend large sums on the purchase of expensive equipment and fixtures, in the hope that they will work well and last a long time. However, all daily activities and processes that generate airborne particles can affect equipment and cause recurring downtime, shortening the service life.

One of QleanAir's customers in the engineering and construction industry reports that cleaning has decreased by 80% since the installation of QleanAir FS 70.

Depending on filtration technology and placement, an air purifier can filter the air while affecting the humidity, temperature, energy consumption and airflow in the premises. Another positive side effect is that the need for cleaning often decreases with a strategically placed and optimized air purification solution.

Evaluate your air quality

Do you suspect that your business or the people who live in your premises are adversely affected by the air? Do you see the long-term opportunities control of the indoor environment can mean? If so, the first step is to book an air measurement to evaluate your air quality. Based on the air measurement, you will know if you need air purification and what opportunities exist for your particular business.

Contact us by email or reach out to our local offices found here.

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