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Want a Long, Healthy Retirement? Breathe Clean Air

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The European Heart Journal has released new findings from extensive research, showing over 790,000 people that die every year in Europe have been contributed to ambient air pollution. We're not just talking about people working in coal mines. The study refers to everyday people, like you and me. PM2.5 particles are the main cause of respiratory and cardiovascular disease.

While national governments and international agencies must take immediate action in reducing the air pollution, lowering the EU's current limits to match the WHO guidelines, most of us have the power to decide what kind of indoor air quality we want to live and work in today. Did you know, the average person ingests 1.8 kg of food, 0.9 liters of water, and 11,000 liters of air each day?!

The actions we take today have a tremendous impact on our future. There's too many who have worked so hard, only to die prematurely in their early retirement; not given the opportunity to truly enjoy their pension. Plan for the future. Travel. Spend time with your future grandchildren. Safeguard the air you breathe.

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