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The Impact Indoor Air Quality Has on Wellbeing and Work Productivity

Savanta, a provider of intelligence through market research and data collection conducted a survey throughout the United States and Canada. The survey, which took place during April 23–29th, 2019, targeted both men and women, from 18–74 years of age and working in a corporate office environment.

office environment

The results from the data implies a reevaluation for all businesses on the importance of workspace environment. Below are some of the findings relevant towards indoor air quality.

  • Temperature and air quality matter 4x more to employees than having gym facilities.
  • Half of those surveyed said their poor air quality makes them sleepier throughout their workday.
  • 33% lose more than an hour of work per day due to physical and environmental factors.
  • 45% say their companies could improve their wellness by providing fresh and allergen-free quality air.
  • 85% say the air quality in their home or outdoors is better than at work.

The price of poor indoor air quality

Some businesses may think investing in better air quality solutions may be expensive, but in comparison to diminished productivity, absent employees; including losing and replacing employees, there is no comparison.

According to The Center for American Progress, replacing a single employee costs approximately 20% of that employee’s annual salary.

See video below on the findings from a recent Harvard study regarding indoor air quality's importance towards work productivity and profits.

Benefits of a healthy work environment

Alongside of Savanta's data, published research from The World Green Building Council has shown an 11% increase in employee productivity as a result of increased fresh air to the workstation and a reduction in pollutants.

Why offices choose QleanAir Scandinavia as their “clean air” provider

We've found that most offices look for a discreet solution to their air quality; Something that blends in, does not get in the way, or looks intrusive. Another sought after feature is an air filtration system that has a wide reach, and most importantly, comes with a service agreement to make sure the air quality is always optimal.

QleanAir Scandinavia helps businesses in over 25 countries throughout the world become healthier and more productive. All in all, having clean indoor air quality protects people, products and processes.

To learn more how your office can benefit from cleaner indoor air quality or to get your air quality tested, reach out to us here.

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