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November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month (Part 2 of 3) – Smoking

Continuing in our series of articles during Lung Cancer Awareness Month, here is the latest information regarding smoking and lung cancer, as well as conventional and unconventional solutions to prevent lung cancer due to smoking. Read on...


Waste Management: Cigarette Butts’ Monetary & Environmental Cost To Us

Managing the waste handling of cigarettes butts is a daunting task and most countries are failing at controlling this. Is there a solution out there? Read on…


How Successful Businesses Deal with “Smoking” Issues

There’s really only one way to effectively control the air quality from tobacco smoke in an indoor area. Find out how successful businesses do this!


Smoking Shelter vs. Smoking Cabin – Which is More Beneficial?

During our own online searches, we found several companies selling what they call “smoking cabins”; but in reality, they are actually smoking shelters. Calling a smoking shelter a smoking cabin is misleading because they have completely different functions. Find out here, the differences and what benefits they offer.


Smoking Cabins Today are What Seat Belts Were in the 70's

Discover the similarities between different types of technology used over the last 50 years that were overlooked in their infancy. (Read more here:)