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Economically, Businesses Suffer from Poorer Air Standards, According to Latest Study

A new, extensive study published in the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics reveals that businesses do suffer from being lax on pollution regulations by saving on emissions control equipment, and it’s quantifiable! Click here to read more:


Office Hack: 5 Simple Investments to Avoid Getting Sick This Winter

A new year brings new opportunities and goals. Don't let them get interrupted by poor health. Read these tips to help maintain or improve your health within office environments this winter!


What Clean Air Really Means to Manufacturers and You, as Consumers

Did you know that many of your gizmos, gadgets, and machinery that you own and depend on were built in a “clean” environment? Read on...


How Air Purification Leads to Increased Productivity

Discover the correlation between air quality, cognitive performance, and monetary value in employee productivity. Read on...


Will Businesses Now Be Liable for Poor Indoor Air Quality?

With the growing evidence associating indoor air quality to a plethora of health issues, it’s just a matter of time before businesses are inundated in class action suits, having to pay steep, liability claims. So, the simple question is, why aren’t all businesses imploring cleaner indoor air solutions? Read more...