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What Clean Air Really Means to Manufacturers and You, as Consumers

Did you know that many of your gizmos, gadgets, and machinery that you own and depend on were built in a “clean” environment? Read on...


How Air Purification Leads to Increased Productivity

Discover the correlation between air quality, cognitive performance, and monetary value in employee productivity. Read on...


Will Businesses Now Be Liable for Poor Indoor Air Quality?

With the growing evidence associating indoor air quality to a plethora of health issues, it’s just a matter of time before businesses are inundated in class action suits, having to pay steep, liability claims. So, the simple question is, why aren’t all businesses imploring cleaner indoor air solutions? Read more...


Waste Management: Cigarette Butts’ Monetary & Environmental Cost To Us

Managing the waste handling of cigarettes butts is a daunting task and most countries are failing at controlling this. Is there a solution out there? Read on…


QleanAir Scandinavia Launches New “Health Awareness” Campaign

With the growing awareness on air quality and how important it is to not only our lives, but also our livelihood, QleanAir Scandinavia has launched a new campaign called...(read on)