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QleanAir Scandinavia Shares Some Holiday Cheer!

Along with wishing you the happiest of holidays, we thought we would end the year with sharing some optimistic, good news!

Within the last five years, QleanAir Scandinavia has been calculating the amount of totally, cleaned air that we deliver through our products and solutions, as well as the amount of waste we collect in order to be accountable for providing a healthier “today”, and a more sustainable future.

Accomplishments for 2018

On a large scope, here's what we have achieved this year:

  • This year, QleanAir Scandinavia has produced 2 898 309 315 m3 of totally, clean air per month. This corresponds to filling 159 “Globe Arenas” a day, or 56,604 a year, and counting!

  • Another achievement is our waste handling of cigarette butts. Every month we clean our environment, world wide from around 22 839 750 cigarette butts. How much is it really? Well, we fill almost three (2.72) 40ft containers with butts every month. That is nearly thirty three (32.65) 40ft containers in 2018!

From all of us here at QleanAir Scandinavia, we wish you the happiest and healthiest of holidays!

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