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QleanAir Releases Its First Sustainability Report

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QleanAir announces the release of its first-ever Sustainability Report. The 16-page report summarizes who we are as a company, our business model, along with a more detailed overview of our organizational initiatives relating to social, human, and natural capital.

Why a sustainability report now?

Since our introduction to the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market last year, the report gives us an opportunity to address our stakeholders and the public; enhancing our transparency and partnerships, and offers a realistic, detailed analysis of QleanAir’s environmental, economic, and social impacts caused by its daily activities.

The publication is a voluntary account of QleanAir Scandinavia AB's reporting on sustainability in accordance with the Annual Accounts Act 6:10-12, with inspiration from the GRI standards and Integrate reporting's methodology.


Our actions, behaviors, and goals for a more sustainable future and economic growth are defined by these cornerstones, responsible for our success.

  • Overall objectives towards being a sustainable company - How we contribute to sustainable development, accept our responsibility to reduce our negative environmental impact, and increase our positive impact on the people in our value chain.

  • Sustainable products – How we work systematically to further develop and improve our offering. All improvement work is prioritized based on the effect on overall goals.

  • Having a responsible global business and value chain - With our business model, we depend on third-party suppliers for manufacturing, assembly, and logistics as well as installation, service and maintenance.

  • Being an attractive employer - With 97 employees in the group, we have a great responsibility to act as a safe and attractive employer. Have an overlook at our work environment and working conditions, gender equality and diversity, skills development, and more.

You're in good hands

“With business resilience ingrained in our company's DNA, our commitment to sustainability will continue hand in hand with our economic and financial growth,” says Jenny Jansson, Quality Manager at QleanAir Scandinavia AB.

To read the full 2020 QleanAir Sustainability Report, click here. Additional investor relations and financial reports can be found at

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