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QleanAir Launches Multi-Stage Filtration for Food and Beverage Industry

FS 70 FG

Stockholm, Sweden. June 9, 2020 -- QleanAir Scandinavia, a world leader in air filtration technology and solutions for over 25 years announced the official release of its FS 70 FG; a dedicated air filtration system designed exclusively for the food and beverage industry.

Introducing the FS 70 FG

QleanAir Scandinavia has designed from the ground up, a whole new level of compliance towards hygienic standards within the food industry; allowing more control in handling the multiple stages of food and beverage production. That's what the FG in its name stands for; “Food Grade”.

“We consulted with numerous, quality assurance professionals, risk assessment specialists and plant managers in the industry to make sure every detail was considered in terms of design, safety, and flexibility of the unit”, says Johan Billing, Product Manager at QleanAir Scandinavia.

The result is a powerful air cleaner constructed of materials that are corrosion resistant and ease the work of follow important Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) guidelines. The hull is sealed, and all external surfaces are smooth and free from small cavities, making it easy to clean, ensuring more hygienic operation and compliance with food production standards.

Some units were tested at specific food plants throughout Europe prior to release as beta testers over the last six months and the response has been astoundingly positive.

QleanAir’s FS 70 FG comes with key components, specific for the food and beverage industry including, a corrosion-resistant uni-frame hull made with austenitic stainless steel (ISO 1.4307), food-grade seals and gaskets (EC1935/2004), custom, multi-filter configuration meeting ISO 16890 and EN 1822 standards ensuring continuous efficiency in capturing a wide range of dust/air particles, as well as flow steering ensuring a constant air flow over time.

Also available with the FS 70 FG are accessories, such as optional hoods, anti-microbial textile diffusers, stainless steel ductwork, etc. Like all QleanAir solutions, optimized service, and a routinely scheduled service plan are included with all lease agreements and purchases. The FS 70 FG will be available throughout all Europe as of today.

To learn more about QleanAir's FS 70 FG, go to

About QleanAir

QleanAir is a niche premium provider of clean indoor environment solutions. The company's business model is based on rental contracts for modular solutions with a full-service offer. QleanAir solutions are developed using filter technology that traps, filters and recycles indoor air. The company has approximately 8,100 installed units at more than 2,500 customers on the markets for EMEA, APAC and the Americas. For the full-year 2019, net sales amounted to SEKm 457 and the adjusted operating margin was 18 percent. QleanAir’s head office is in Solna in Sweden, and the share is traded on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market, ticker QAIR. FNCA Sweden is Certified Adviser +46 8 528 00 399. For more information go to

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