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QleanAir FS 70 vs. FS 90 – what’s the difference?

QleanAir air cleaner FS 70 vs FS 90

We recently launched a completely new air purification solution, the QleanAir FS 90, and we have been asked what sets it apart from our best-selling QleanAir FS 70. While there are differences between the solutions, it is nothing our customers need to consider.

At QleanAir Scandinavia we work solution-oriented rather than product-oriented. Our mission is to create healthy indoor environments, and we do that using a range of tools. Which tool is best suited to the particular job varies from situation to situation. As a potential customer, you do not need to keep track of technical specifications or filter replacement intervals. You order clean air as a service from us, and we make sure we deliver it with the best solution for your specific needs.

How does it work?

1. We define your needs and prerequisites together with you
At QleanAir, we have three different business areas (Cabin Solutions, Facility Solutions and Room Solutions), and that means that the needs analysis can vary greatly from one customer to another. One customer may need an ISO-classified clean room for medicinal production, while another wants protection against passive smoking and a third requires HEPA-cleaned air in the office. What is common to all our customers, however, is that they come to us because they want expert advice regarding air quality and airborne pollutants.

2. We offer a customised solution
Once we have analysed your needs, the layout and size of the premises, the human traffic flow and the business processes, we can offer the air purification solution, filter combination, service interval and financing that suit you best.

3. We follow up with regular service and a performance guarantee
Our technicians perform regular service checks and ensure that the solution continues to perform at a consistent level throughout the contract period. All our solutions have a lifetime performance guarantee.

We focus on your air quality, so you can focus on your business!

So what is the difference between the FS 70 and the FS 90?

That said, there are a couple of features that set the devices apart. The basic functions are the same in both solutions; they have mechanical multi-stage filtration, automatic airflow control, customised filter configuration and wheels for easy mobility. The main differences between the two models are:

  • The biggest difference lies in the air volume. FS 70 has a strong airflow of up to 4000 m3/h, while the FS 90 can deliver up to 10 000 m3 of air every hour. FS 90 is currently one of the market’s most powerful air purifiers.
  • FS 90 is suitable for large areas and halls, where the most important thing is the overall level of cleanliness in the room, while FS 70 also works when we need a more detailed focus on specific pollutants or areas.
  • FS 90 can be ceiling mounted in cases where a floor-standing unit is completely out of the question (however, we recommend floor-standing solutions wherever possible).

You can find more information about our various air purifiers on this page.

Do you have questions about QleanAir’s solutions, financing options or service? Call us on +46854578800 or send an email to, and we will get back to you shortly.

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