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QleanAir Delivers 3.1 Billion m3 of Clean Air

How much space takes up 3.1 billion m3 and what’s so unique about this?

This is the Ericsson Globe Arena, located in Stockholm, Sweden. It may look like a giant golf ball, but it is the world's largest spherical building, housing 13,850 people for sporting events and over 16,000 for concerts. More interestingly, the total volume of the building is 605,000 cubic meters. That’s a lot of space…

Also featured in the above video is “us”, QleanAir Scandinavia, a health and environment company that develops and produces air-cleaning solutions which has delivered approx. 3.1 billion m3 of clean air to businesses around the world, all within the month of March 2019. (More specifically, 3,096,820,213 m3.) To quantify that amount, it is enough to fill 5,118 Ericsson Globe Arenas, and growing!

“Similar to how a coffee vendor delivers fresh roasted java to a business, we deliver clean and healthy air; improving working environments and keeping products and processes clean. By offering clean air as a service, our customers can focus on their business and outsource the problem concerning air quality to us.”
– Andreas Göth, CEO QleanAir Scandinavia

If you would like to find out how we “clean air as a service” click here.

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