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Meet FS 90 – an extra powerful air purifier for industrial environments

QleanAir FS 90 industrial air cleaner warehouse

QleanAir proudly presents the FS 90, a completely new air purification solution for large halls and spaces in warehouses and industrial environments.

What do warehouses, logistics centers, distribution centers and similar industrial environments all have in common? They are large spaces that handle a high volume of packages and pallets on a daily basis, they are subject to intensive truck and lorry traffic, constant inbound and outbound deliveries and many particle-generating processes – all of which contribute to poor indoor air.

In many industrial and warehouse environments, the air quality is so poor that you can see a cloud of dust and soot particles in the air. High levels of airborne particles have a negative impact on all aspects of the company – the people, the products and the processes.

Our most powerful air purifier

The benefits of an efficient and strategically placed air purification system include a healthier working environment, less dust on goods, less downtime and a reduced need for cleaning. QleanAir now presents a completely new solution – QleanAir FS 90, developed to solve air quality issues in large halls and industrial environments. FS 90 is one of the most powerful air purifiers on the market today, with an airflow of up to 10,000 m3/hour.

QleanAir FS 90 industrial air cleaner without pipes

Key components of FS 90:

  • Multi-stage mechanical filtration (ISO 16890)
  • Dual inlet (front and rear)
  • Very powerful yet energy-efficient EC fan
  • Automatic airflow regulation
  • Filter alarm
  • Silent operation
  • Custom filter configuration
  • Robust wheels for easy mobility
  • Hybrid mounting option (floor/ceiling)

All air purifiers from QleanAir are standalone systems and do not need to be connected to the ventilation system. The smart airflow can prevent heated or cooled air from leaving the system, depending on your needs.

Available today

QleanAir FS 90 is now available for rent or purchase, contact us for more information or read more on the product page here.

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