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Inside QleanAir: Part 2 - Kalle Lund, Service and Logistics Partner

Inside QleanAir part 2

In our interview series, “Inside QleanAir”, you will get to meet some of the people working behind the scenes at QleanAir Scandinavia. In today's interview we meet Kalle Lund, who is one of our service and logistics partners.

Hi Kalle, thank you for letting us talk with you. Tell me, what are you doing at QleanAir?

I am responsible for our “business as a service”, as well as a logistics partner for QleanAir. I started as a technician in 2004. Since 2011 though, I am responsible for all servicing and installations for our customers in the Nordic countries. Previously, I was often out on location with our customers, but now I mainly sit in our warehouse / office and plan purchases, logistics and service trips.

Can you tell us a little more about what you do as a service and logistics partner?

We service and install QleanAir, air purifiers for customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Poland. In addition, we are responsible for the logistics operations in and around Europe. We purchase service materials and ensure that it is delivered to a local service depot.

Each service desk has a team of coordinators and technicians who do both installation and service. In my department, we have had the same team for a while now, which I am happy for. We are a tight group where everyone takes responsibility and has a high level of knowledge.

What does a regular work week look like for you?

It's different every week. My work is very much about telephone contact and communication with the sales department and service technicians. A lot of planning is required to get the most efficient service routes possible, which is good for both the economy, and the environment. At the same time, you have to work very fast and be able to make changes, including re-planning initiatives. Every now and then I am out in the field helping where needed.

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Photo: Kalle and our best selling air purifier, QleanAir FS 70.

Why are you doing the service? Can't the customers do it themselves?

First and foremost, it is about quality. By doing the service ourselves, we can, with our measuring instruments ensure that we continuously deliver the desired degree of purification, it is about quality control for both us and the customers. We do not sell products; we are an air purification service partner. Therefore, we must also take responsibility for the air being as clean as we promise.

It is also a service for our customers. Everyone has a lot to do and our customers do not have to think about who will change filters or book new air measurements. When a company signs a contract with us, they can relax and know that we are installing, servicing and informing the contacts about updates.

Another advantage is that we regularly visit the customers, which provides good communication and customer contact; not just with the contact person. We also meet other staff members who get a chance to ask questions or comment on air purification.

Our service offering is unique and a big reason for our success and our satisfied customers.

What is the most important thing to consider if you as a company are considering investing in air purification?

Begin by defining the goal of air purification. Do you want to clean the air for staff health, or is it about protecting products? Is the biggest problem with large or small particles? Where in the premises is it most important to have clean air? Research and be clear with what results you want to achieve; Then you can get the help of an expert to find the best solution for your needs, with filters and systems that meet your particular challenges.

After that, it is important to ensure that air purification continues to work throughout time. Make sure you have a plan for maintenance of the air purification and ensure that you actually get what you pay for and need, not just right after installation but as long as you have an agreement.

Last but not least; Would you like to share any tips with our readers?

Find a balance between work and family. Work on something you are passionate about but remember to also turn off the job and spend time with your family. I love my job, but it is also very important for me to be with my children.

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