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“Get Qlean” Celebrates Its 100th Article!

QleanAir Scandinavia launched ”Get Qlean“ in August of 2017 with a goal to become a trusted source of information to anyone looking for news about their “air”; more specifically, indoor air quality. The articles topics range from general awareness, studies and educational pieces, to stories, videos, and interactive quizzes relating to specific indoor environments and businesses.

Get Qlean 100th article

We're proud to say many of these articles have been shared by many other bloggers, and websites as well as other publications, both online and print.

Our most popular articles

Our top five most viewed articles to date are:

  1. The Biggest Oversight When Choosing a Gym
  2. What's the Difference Between Ventilation and Air Filtration?
  3. Reasons Why Food Sometimes Spoils Before Expiration
  4. Why Smoking Cabins Are Good for Businesses, the Economy, and the Environment
  5. Life Hacks: The Smart Guide for Asthma and Allergy sufferers

“We see our online journal as a source of insight and awareness on how air affects people, business, and industry today; as well as a community for people like yourselves to receive inspiration, motivation, and proven solutions to a number of common problems associated with poor air quality.”

How the blog functions

Navigation within our blog is quite easy as we categorize our stories into sub-menus relating to health, education, general awareness, and articles specific to our facility solutions, cabin solutions, and room solutions (cleanrooms).

We know that air management has a direct correlation to the health and economy of people and industries, which is why our blog has become one of our most visited pages on our site. Because of that, we will continue to provide you the latest news and information relevant to you and your businesses.

Feeling left out?

If you or your business would like us to write about the air quality in your specific environment, reach out to us here.

If you are located in Germany, Sweden, or Austria, we also have a newsroom that provides the same, high quality stories relevant to those specific areas and corresponding languages.

In the meantime, if you haven't already, we invite you to subscribe to Get Qlean so you can always stay up to date by receiving newly released studies and stories as they come out. Also, Feel free to join in on the conversation and share our posts!

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