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Five steps for healthy indoor air

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As a result of the covid-19 outbreak, indoor air quality has become an important topic. Our health is threatened not only by airborne particles from traffic, chemicals, and dust etcetera, but also by viruses and bacteria that accumulate in the indoor air. How can we reduce the risk of infection in classrooms and care facilities? How to secure employees' health at the workplace? QleanAir Scandinavia has collected five important steps to secure healthy indoor air in schools, offices, care facilities and meeting venues.

Everyday life has changed drastically over the past year, as a result of the corona pandemic. After a calmer period during the summer, we are now in the midst of the dreaded second wave. It is still not clear exactly how the coronavirus is transmitted. But evidence strongly suggests that the concentration of virus in the indoor air and exposure time are important factors. Therefore, it is important to take measures to ensure a healthy indoor air when we reopen schools, return to the office and in care facilities. We have listed the five most important steps.

Five steps to follow - for a safe and healthy indoor air climate at the workplace

1. Analyze your premises

There are many elements to consider when doing an analysis of indoor air quality. How many people that normally come and go over a day, the activity in the workplace, and what ventilation system is in place. Do an air quality inventory of the workplace to find the best possible solutions for a safe and healthy indoor environment for your organization. And do not forget to measure the impact over time.

2. Keep the distance

Keeping the distance from each other will continue to be important to counteract the spread of infection. Employers should therefore include this in the workplace's strategy for safe indoor air and review the daily routines in the workplace. Spreading out on the premises and keeping the number of people at the same place to a minimum are simple measures to maintain good air quality and create security for everyone.

3. Ventilate properly

To ensure a healthy indoor environment, each workplace should have a ventilation system adapted to the specific needs of the workplace. WHO, ECDC and other actors recommend switching on the ventilation two hours before the start of the working day and turning it off two hours after the last person left, to ensure that the air is properly ventilated. If ventilation system is missing or insufficient, you should investigate the possibilities for installing one or increase the capacity. In the meantime, it is important to bring in fresh air often by opening windows if possible.

4. Clean the air

Freestanding air cleaners are useful tools to create healthier air quality. An air cleaner with HEPA 14 filters will help reduce the levels of hazardous particles in the air such as viruses, bacteria, chemicals, and combustion particles. In addition, air cleaners increase the air circulation in the room. Together with the other measures, air cleaners can reduce the spread of infection in the workplace. But be sure to choose a solution that is tailored to your specific needs with the appropriate technology, the right filter, sufficient capacity, and the right location in the room.

5. Plan long-term

Challenges regarding the quality of indoor air are here to stay. It is therefore important to find long-term solutions that are effective over time. Get professional help from an expert who can measure the air quality in your workplace and set a long-term strategy for your indoor air based on your specific needs. With a tailor-made, durable technical solution and a service agreement with continuous maintenance that guarantees the air quality over time.

QleanAir helps employers create a healthy indoor environment

With extensive experience in air cleaning, QleanAir Scandinavia supports organizations to create safe indoor environments. This applies not only during the current pandemic, but also afterwards as the employees' demands on indoor air quality are likely to increase. As a result of this, QleanAir launches a new air cleaner for offices, schools, care facilities and other public environments, developed in close dialogue with the health care sector.

"Even if we are in the middle of a pandemic with different regulations around the world, organizations need to prepare for a safe transition back to schools and workplaces. Having “a clean air strategy” will be key to secure a safe and healthy indoor environment,"

Christina Lindstedt, CEO of QleanAir Scandinavia.

The new FS 30 – setting a new standard in the market

The new air cleaner, QleanAir FS 30, is mobile and easy to place where the need for air cleaning is the greatest. In addition, it is very silent, which makes it suitable for environments were people need to be able to concentrate, such as offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, medical care facilities and other public areas. The air cleaner FS 30 is equipped with a HEPA 14 filter with a filtration guarantee of 99.995 percent, which is why it is often used in the healthcare sector to reduce the presence of viruses, bacteria and other air pollutants in the air. FS 30 has multiple filters and a completely sealed construction with no leakage, which means that the separation is higher than the filter. With its unique combination of capacity, silence and size, the new FS 30 sets a new standard in the market.

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Guaranteed air quality over time

QleanAir Scandinavia offers several air cleaning solutions, suitable for different kinds of industries and environments. QleanAir Scandinavia´s products are offered through a rental or purchasing model with a service offering including guaranteed air quality over time and a Lifetime Performance Guarantee.

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