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Final USP Revisions Are out Now. Are Your Facilities in Compliance?

The final revision bulletins have been published by The United States Pharmacopeial Convention confirming the official date of USP General Chapter <800>.

Pharmancy technician

The official date for USP 795, 797, 800, and 825 compliance is December 1, 2019. Below are links to gather more information for each of the chapters regarding their revisions.

Chapter <800> was written to protect all workers, patients, and the general public who may be accessing facilities where hazardous drugs (HDs) are prepared in order to prevent harm to patients, minimize exposure to personnel, and minimize contamination of the work and patient-care environment.

Future-proof your operations

QleanAir Scandinavia offers assistance in preparing, implementing and managing cleanrooms for hospital pharmacies needing to become compliant within the legal time frame given. If your pharmacy prepares, compounds, transports, or stores hazardous drugs, we can help.

For detailed information on comprehensive storage solutions for HD's, click here.

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