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How Healthy is Your Logistic Center/Warehouse?

Discover the most common issues all logistics centers share and advice on the best, future-proof solutions!


QleanAir Scandinavia Signs a Landmark, Exclusive Deal with Memorial Hermann

QleanAir Scandinavia, a health and environment company driving solutions in the cleanroom industry, today announced the company has signed a landmark, exclusive deal with Memorial Hermann Healthcare... (Read on)


Don’t Go Out and Buy an Air Cleaner Until You Read This First!

Despite popular belief, just buying an air purifier/industrial air cleaner "off the shelf" or online doesn’t guarantee to solve one’s air quality issues. There are several variables to look at, especially if your environment is a work or industrial space.


Highlights from EAHP 2018

For those not familiar with EAHP, it is the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists, and on March 21-23, they held their 23rd Congress in Gothenburg, Sweden at Svenska Mässan. Read about the highlights of this event here:


USP <797> and <800> Timeline Infographic

Since a picture says 1,000 words, we’ll let this infographic timeline on USP <797> and <800> say it all.