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Alarming Discovery About Sweden’s Air Quality

Stockholm, Sweden, September 2018

According to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, there isn't any “bottom limit”, where particles have no health effect. In most countries, the air quality is worst in cities/metropolitan areas, primarily due to the accumulation of nitrogen dioxide and particles in the air.

Pursuant to a statement made by Bertil Forsberg, Professor of Environment Medicine at Umeå University; cardiovascular disease, such as myocardial infarction and stroke are the number one reason for premature death caused by air pollutants, followed by lung disease, like lung cancer.

The latest results show that twice as many people (approximately 7600 per year) die prematurely in Sweden from the air pollution, compared with other previous calculations. This is a major finding, especially for a country that is ranked best in air quality within all EU countries.

The information was previously featured in Sweden through SvD and SVT.

Additional information

The latest statistics show, businesses and homes with windows and balconies facing streets are even more susceptible to higher levels of air pollution.

Many businesses today are acquiring air purifiers, as preventative measures, as well as seeing other current benefits they offer.

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