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Air cleaning: a must for safety as schools open in Germany

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QleanAir Scandinavia supports over 140 German schools with air cleaners. With HEPA 14 filters, they reduce the concentration of aerosols in the air and improve air circulation. Much needed as many German schools suffer from poor ventilation.

Most German states are currently reopening their schools and day-care centres – sometimes with restrictions, sometimes only with alternating classes. But the debate in society remains. While some consider classroom teaching for children to be urgently necessary, others remain fearful of loosening restrictions too early, due to risk of contagion, mutations and a possible third wave. Doubts arise as to whether schools are prepared for classroom teaching. Air quality are of particular concern since many schools in Germany date from before the second world war without proper ventilation or even the possibility to open windows.

"Proper ventilation in schools is an essential measure against corona viruses, fresh air has top priority," says Tobias Willi, CEO of QleanAir Scandinavia GmbH. "But solutions must also be found for classrooms with poor ventilation or no windows. Freestanding air cleaners can be a valuable addition here. It is not for nothing that various federal states have initiated funding programmes that support schools in the purchase of air cleaners."

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Air cleaners improve air quality

Air cleaners with a high air filter efficiency ensure constant air circulation. Equipped with a HEPA 14 filter, they also reduce the concentration of airborne particles such a virus and bacteria. QleanAirs FS 30 HEPA and FS 70 HEPA has a third-party certified system filtration efficiency equal to or superseding the performance of the main filter (99,995 %). For critical applications such as in health care or schools, it is crucial to choose an air cleaner without any housing leakage.

"Air cleaners cannot eliminate the risk of infection in the process, of course, but they can continuously reduce the particle concentration in a room and thus efficiently improve the air quality over time," explains Tobias Willi.

420 QleanAir products in German schools

QleanAir has close to 420 air cleaners in use or confirmed for installation at over 140 German schools and day-care centres, for example in Berlin, Ebersberg, Ettal, Lübbecke, Ludwigshafen, Schwalbach and the Main-Taunus district. For standard classrooms with an area of approximately 70 m2 or teachers' rooms, QleanAir recommends the FS 30 HEPA or the FS 70 HEPA. Both products are equipped with a multi-stage HEPA 14 filter, certified according to EN1822, are easy to install and convince with their extremely silent operation. This means that teaching and concentration are not impaired.

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Clean air should be a long-term priority

“The public sector must attach greater importance to the issue of clean air, because it will continue to accompany us after corona, says Tobias Willi. It is not uncommon in Germany, for children to still be taught in buildings from before the Second World War. We urgently need to adapt these to todays and future requirements in terms of energy, technology and ventilation and find intelligent air cleaning solutions for the future. QleanAir is happy to support German schools in this."

Financing options and lifetime performance guarantee with a full-service partner

With QleanAir Scandinavia, schools can count on a reliable, comprehensive service with a lifetime performance guarantee and regional contacts: QleanAir supports schools in finding the best air cleaning solution through an on-site situation analysis – and then also takes care of installation, maintenance, and filter replacement. The latter is done preventively, that is before the change interval becomes critical. Another advantage of QleanAir: schools and municipalities can either purchase the air cleaners or rent them for a certain period.

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