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Air Cleaners in Offices Help Seasonal Allergy Symptoms Disappear

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In light of all the talk about protecting employees from the coronavirus, there's an additional benefit from having a dedicated air cleaner in the office; – Air cleaners significantly help seasonal allergy symptoms disappear.

Pollen, grass, and ragweed contribute to millions of people suffering through their days, from minor inconveniences like sneezing, itchy eyes or feeling stuffy, to more serious symptoms such as irritated airways and asthma.

Many who take allergy suppressant meds or antihistamines go through their days in a fog.

What if there was a better solution?

It so happens that specific types of air cleaners, when used in the correct environment, have shown to significantly reduce symptoms of allergies; sometimes completely eliminating them during the time exposed within that indoor environment.

CNN Money has reported, "Companies are also expected to invest more in air filtration systems in the office to reduce contaminants".

Alongside from protecting people from all types of airborne particles and contaminants, it is reported that working and studying in a clean air environment has significantly shown improvements in both cognitive skills and worker productivity, benefiting schools, along with offices.
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FS 70 air cleaner in open office layout

How do air cleaners work?

Our AirQlean Low and FS 70 models use mechanical filtration to effectively capture and separate all types of air particles using an adaptable filtration system before returning the cleaned air back into the environment. These particles can consist of viruses, bacteria, pollen, dust, debris, and other potentially harmful particles.

Between the AirQlean Low and the FS 70, these air cleaners can accommodate most types and sizes of rooms including open spaced offices, conference rooms, dining areas/lunchrooms, classrooms, and more.

Create conditions for optimum health

Smart businesses know there are many reasons to invest in their people. Incorporating spaces that allow for social distancing AND promote well-being through air quality management are not just trends, but changes that businesses across the board are starting to make. How will you invest in your people?
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AirQlean Low in office setting


Work in spaces with open floor plans, conference rooms, and eating in communal dining areas? Visit our "office-spaces" page to learn how we can help you!
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FS 70 air cleaner in office lounge/meeting room


Planning for an upgrade for the return of students after the summer? Why not upgrade your air quality? Visit our "schools" page and learn more about how our clean air delivery system helps schools and institutions.
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AirQlean Low in school classroom

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