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Animated Video - "What You Need to Know about Indoor Air Quality"

Air quality is something we don’t take lightly; however, why not be entertained while getting educated on an important topic? Click here for video!


Adopting Ideas from Other Nations that Promote Better Health and Environment

Learn what other nations successfully do in helping secure a better future for themselves, and the health of their people and their environment. (Read on...)


USP <797> and <800> Timeline Infographic

Since a picture says 1,000 words, we’ll let this infographic timeline on USP <797> and <800> say it all.


Think Cars and Trucks Cause the Most Air Pollution? Think Again…

A new study finds perfumes, cleaning products, and certain common household items as a major contributor to air pollution. Find out which products and what to do here!


"QleanAir Rooms" Available at Marriott Shanghai

Marriot Shanghai is now offering an elite solution to accommodate those who know the value of sleeping in a clean and fresh, indoor air environment and how it helps you rest more soundly, while it enhances and re-oxygenates your blood; feeding your body and mind. Learn more about them, as well as how to book one, here: