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“Your pet is making me sick!”– How people carry their pets’ dander to work and how it may affect others

Suffering from allergies at work due to what others carry in on them is nothing new, but there are ways of remedying this. Find out here!


Guidelines Successful Facility Managers Use to Promote Good IAQ

Having the role as a facility manager gives the opportunity to protect and future-proof your assets and occupants by controlling your indoor air quality. Because of this, the EPA has published guidelines for facility managers to promote good air quality. Read more...


Life Hacks: The Smart Guide for Asthma and Allergy sufferers

After all the news, blogs, and social media feeds have started catching on and releasing the concerning, growing evidence about the negative effects on our health and well being from air pollution; (including the growing awareness of indoor air pollution) we're seeing very little on how to alleviate the problems besides taxing traffic, and attempting to work with nations who are the main culprits of air pollution that are spreading to our own countries. This of course is a big help, but it’s a long term fix. What about an immediate fix? Are there any solutions out there? You bet there are!


Stockholm's Air, "Best in 50 Years"

The latest air environment report for Sweden’s capital city, Stockholm, shows evidence that the air quality is much better than compared to fifty years ago. Read full story here...


Los Angeles: Love the Weather, Hate the Air Pollution

Interesting facts about Los Angeles and its air quality that you may not know. How does this affect you and other major cities throughout the world? Read on...