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QleanAir Scandinavia Signs a Landmark, Exclusive Deal with Memorial Hermann

QleanAir Scandinavia, a health and environment company driving solutions in the cleanroom industry, today announced the company has signed a landmark, exclusive deal with Memorial Hermann Healthcare... (Read on)


Clean Air Day is June 21st! Do you know how to contribute?

This year, Clean Air Day falls on June 21st. Read about how this day was established and what others and yourself can do to make a significant difference in promoting health for our planet, our businesses, and ourselves.


So, You Have an Air Quality Monitor. Great! Now What?

With so many intelligent air quality monitors on the market, do they do their job and if so, what’s the next step?


Don’t Go Out and Buy an Air Cleaner Until You Read This First!

Despite popular belief, just buying an air purifier/industrial air cleaner "off the shelf" or online doesn’t guarantee to solve one’s air quality issues. There are several variables to look at, especially if your environment is a work or industrial space.


Smoking Shelter vs. Smoking Cabin – Which is More Beneficial?

During our own online searches, we found several companies selling what they call “smoking cabins”; but in reality, they are actually smoking shelters. Calling a smoking shelter a smoking cabin is misleading because they have completely different functions. Find out here, the differences and what benefits they offer.