Larger air cleaners

With over 25 years of experience of cleaning air in indoor environments, we have used our expertise and customer knowledge to develop an assortment of powerful, stand-alone air cleaners that create healthy air quality for people, products, and processes.

In many indoor environments, the capacity and efficiency of the installed ventilation system is not sufficient to maintain good and healthy air quality. Airborne pollutants and high particle levels can have a negative effect on people, products and processes. Freestanding air cleaning solutions are a cost and energy efficient addition to complement the existing ventilation system.

Our range of larger air cleaners consists of four powerful and efficient air cleaning solutions, where each unit is configured with the filter and accessories that are optimal for your needs.

All QleanAir air cleaners have mechanical filtration, automatic air flow control and regular service. This ensures constant air flow and efficiency over time.

FS 70 – a flexible air cleaner with a wide range of applications
Suitable for dusty industrial and warehouse environments, as well as for offices and public operations. Can be used to clean air in premises as well as to provide processes with filtered air. QleanAir's best-selling air purifier with a large customer base across Europe.

FS 70 FG (Food Grade) – for the beverage and food industry
This uses the same filtration technology as FS 70 but with design and details adapted to the hygiene requirements in the food industry. Stainless steel chassis, food-grade seals and gaskets, as well as smooth and rounded edges.

FS 70 HEPA – air purification in hospitals and care environments
FS 70 with HEPA 14 filters - the filter class commonly used to filter out bacteria, viruses and other airborne contaminants in sensitive medical environments. Mainly aimed at health care environments with high standards of cleanliness, mobility and low noise levels, but also suitable for other businesses in need of HEPA-filtered air.

FS 90 – an extra powerful air cleaner for large spaces
The FS 90 is one of the most powerful air cleaners on the market, with an air flow of up to 10,000 m3/hour. Suitable for large halls and spaces, e.g. warehouses, logistics centers, distribution centers, production facilities and other similar industrial environments. Also available in a roof-hung version.

Are you unsure of what solution suits your business? Contact us and we will guide you to the best solution for your needs.

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A hygienic solution for air quality control within the food industry

The Challenge
Many industrial air cleaners may be efficient for other industries; even made from high-quality parts, BUT not compliant towards the food industry demands. Many existing systems with pockets and crevices in their design are difficult to clean because of dust and particles being collected, as well as not being fully sealed. This can compromise the functionality and safety of the system.

The air handling unit, QleanAir FS 70 FG (Food Grade), is a complete system redesign with an emphasis on hygiene within food production; enhancing the safety, quality, and efficiency of operations, and preservation of food. 

The design is made in accordance with relevant qualifications within Food Hygiene product risk categories. See below for description.

Why a dedicated air handling, filtration system for the food industry?
A major point of consideration for the design of this unit was the Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP).

The food industry is a unique entity of its own with many different factors contributing to the health of its products, people, packaging, and operations. One of them being air quality. Anything from premature spoilage/staleness of food, to the health of workers and consumers from tainted food, are on the minds of every food plant and manufacturer.  

We have spent months consulting with plant managers at top food manufacturers and quality assurance professionals/risk assessment specialists within different sectors of food production and processing, finding out what has been missing in the market in terms of their strict demands, expectations, and wish list that they would want in an ideal, air handling system.

What we found out was that current systems in the market, even though they may be adequate at filtering air, were not optimized for the food industry. – Some even contributing to dangerous conditions.

Many systems were permeable in some way or another, Inconsistent filtering efficiency, hard to clean and disinfect, clogged often, not suitable for sensitive areas of production, did not come with an included, regularly scheduled and/or customizable service plan, cleaning chemicals showed signs of corrosion on the units, etc. – Essentially, an accident waiting to happen.


Zero compromise on quality

We dedicated months upon months of completely redesigning our already award-winning technology within our best-selling, industrial air cleaner, the QleanAir FS 70, to solve all of these challenges and more, in helping future proof safety and operations for food manufacturers.

The FS 70 FG (food grade) is more than an industrial air cleaner. It’s an air handling system designed specifically for the food and drink supply chain.

  • Custom, multi-filter configuration: Meeting ISO 16890 and EN1822 filter standards ensuring continuous efficiency in capturing a wide range of dust/airborne particles. With multiple filter layers the FS 70 FG creates a safety net should an accident occur and the first filter becomes damaged.

  • Hygienically designed: All surfaces are smooth and made out of non-porous materials to be easy to clean. Crevices have been minimized to avoid spaces where particles and contaminants can gather.

  • Seamless, rounded edges: All gaskets, seals and joints are smooth to avoid organic material from collecting, and able to withstand aging and detergents.

  • Leak-resistant unit housing: The hull of the unit is completely sealed, avoiding any leakage of particles or contaminants into the unit as well as to avoid for any pests being able to invade the hull.

  • Corrosion-resistant materials: A uni-frame hull made with austenitic stainless steel 304L/ISO 1.4307.

  • Food grade seals and gaskets: All gaskets and seals are smooth and continuous to avoid organic material from collecting. They are also able to withstand aging from disinfectants and detergents. Materials comply with EC1935/2004 – approved for food and drinking water contact.

  • Constant airflow regulation: Ensures constant airflow in combination with mechanical filtration, guaranteeing the performance of the unit over time.
  • Accessories: Optional hoods, and anti-microbial, fabric ducting systems/textile diffusers.
  • Optimized service: Included, routinely scheduled service plan, i.e. filter replacement.

The FS 70 FG’s unique design, along with its service plan makes it a complete solution for the food industry.


Which certifications does the FS 70 FG have?
For products that process food, there are strict standards and clear guidelines on design and material choices to avoid hygienic hazards; however, there are no strict product hygiene standards for equipment in the facilities that will not process the food, handle ingredients or provide freshwater or ventilation. For these products, according to the EG852/2004 directive, the food producer must do their own hygiene risk analysis as part of the food production facility.

What type of filtration and filters does the FS 70 FG use?
Each unit can be completely customized in terms of the type of filters/filtration combinations/stages used, depending on the specific environment, level of contamination, particle size, etc.

Who can I get in contact with to learn more information about the FS 70 FG for my specific needs?
The quickest way to get in touch with us is to send an email here, and someone will get back to you usually within 24 hours. You can also contact an air quality specialist in your territory by calling – see phone number here.

Unit design
When designing the FS 70 FG unit, QleanAir looked at the requirements from EC852/2004 and EC1935/2004 regulating hygiene in food production and material with food contact as well as standards for hygienic design. Qleanair also looked at standards for ventilation systems VDI6022 to incorporate relevant aspects out of these fields.

The FS 70 FG unit:

  • Materials used in machines and equipment in the food industry must be resistant to the food and ingredients themselves as well as to detergents and disinfectants used in the specific plant. The FS 70 FG has a surface material in Stainless steel classification A2 (ISO 1.4307) which is widely used within the food industry and resistant to many detergents and disinfectants commonly used. Gaskets and other sealing materials are all approved for food contact according to EC1935/2004.

  • A hygienic design of a machine should make sure that food, ingredients, microorganisms, and vermin should not be able to accumulate and grow and be easy to inspect and clean. The FS 70 FG unit has smooth and clean surfaces minimizing any cavities. Where such exists, inspection is possible.

  • The most important feature of an air cleaner is that of filtration. In this respect, the FS 70 FG follows the guidelines of the VDI6022 stating that particle filtration should be made ahead of the fan unit and with at least 2 filter steps for higher safety. The filter compartment is easy to access and has smooth surfaces for easy cleaning.

  • Sealed filtration process; Inlet-Filter-Fan Chamber-Outlet. No contaminated air should be able to penetrate this process at the later stage than the inlet. The FS 70 FG has a sealed filtration system, which implies a significantly reduced risk of microorganisms establishing in later process steps or around the filters as air must travel through the air filters.

  • To minimize the risk of microorganism growth before the air filters, the FS 70 FG has the first filter placed directly behind the inlet. This has the advantage of easy inspection of the potential contamination level of the first filter stage.

Air filters
Mechanical filters are only filters that can guarantee a constant filtration efficiency over time. This is of the utmost importance when it comes to filtering particles and microorganisms from the air.

  • All filters applied in the FS 70 FG are mechanical, of high quality and tested according to global filter standard ISO16890 or European standard for fine filters EN1822 to secure efficiency.

  • As standard air filters delivered are made of glass fiber for the highest efficiency and capacity. In some industries and applications, glass fibers are not allowed, QleanAir can then supply filters for the FS 70 FG in synthetic fibers instead.

  • QleanAir supplies filters with grades according to the application and in tight dialogue with our clients. A placement in a High Hygienic zone might require final filters of grades (EPA or HEPA) while in other application areas, a lower grade is better out of a risk/cost perspective.

Unit cleaning and service process
The cleaning and service processes as well as the intervals for those need to be based on the specific placement and application of an air cleaner. The risk assessment and following service and cleaning schedule must be in line with and incorporated into the HACCP set out by e.g. the BRC or IFS certification of the facility. In high hygiene zones, there could, therefore, be a need to exchange filters and conduct cleaning activities at a more frequent interval than needed out of a pure filter load perspective.

The service and filter exchange might, if not rightly conducted, pose a risk to food safety. QleanAir, therefore, encourages a tight dialogue with the client on principles for servicing and cleaning.

QleanAir´s service personnel have experience with conducting services in different types of risk zones and at facilities certified according to different standards such as BRC or IFS. Service personnel are used to discussing topics such as placement for service, clothing and disinfection routines, cleaning and disinfection procedures for the units as well as chemicals used. Processes for safe filter exchange and handling of used filters are our core competence.

Benefits with the QleanAir FS 70 FG

Reduces risk

Helps control the risk of airborne contamination.

Improved air quality

Reduces contamination levels and helps to comply with local air quality regulations.

Controls hygiene

Significantly reduces the risk of contamination of food products and packaging materials from airborne particles, like dust, microbiological contamination, hair, mold, etc.

Protects people

Adds a necessary step in protecting people from indoor airborne contamination, like dust, flour, and powders created in the work environment.

Improves operations

Significantly reduces the probability of production halts.

Cleaning optimized

Adheres to recommendations for cleaning and disinfection procedures.

Resistance to corrosion

Designed with food graded materials, resistant to most common chemicals, i.e. detergents and disinfectants.

Flexible solution

Can be used in a wide spectra of application areas i.e., prep area, manufacturing, packaging, and storage of raw materials and finished food/beverage products.


Model QleanAir FS 70 FG
Material Stainless steel
Height / Height on wheels

701 mm
1506 / 1651 mm
598 mm
Weight 120 kg

0–4000 m3/h
Speed regulation: Incremental power levels /
Automated airflow regulation
Seamless / 3 positions

The technology behind the solution

1  INTAKE – Captures pollution

The QleanAir FS 70 FG has a large intake on the front of the unit to maximize intake volume, and to reduce the risk of involuntary blockage. For safety reasons, the intake is protected by a screen/grid. The filters are placed right behind the inlet grid to avoid cavities where particles and contaminants may accumulate over time.

2  FILTRATION – Separates harmful particles and contaminants

Using a multi-stage filtration technique, airborne particles and contaminants are effectively separated from the air. The Qlean­Air FS 70 FG is equipped with a set of filters adapted to your unique needs. Right from installation, we make sure that we live up to our promises through measurements of particle reduction with mon­it­oring of the units.

3  EXHAUST – Purified air is returned to the environment

After the air is purified from airborne particles and contaminants, it is returned to the room for optimal re­circulation. Special accesories are available as add-ons to create a more flexible solution.

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